2017 Mobile Marketing Statistics

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It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that mobile web browsing has become a common daily occurrence for millions of people. The importance of maintaining a mobile app or at least a mobile website has grown to an unavoidable point where not having one may cost dearly in website viewership and consumer opinion of your brand.

Some 2016 statistics for mobile marketing have come in, and the results may be something worth considering when planning your next move on the web. This data has been sourced from Smart Insights unless where otherwise noted.

  • Mobile browsing is the most frequent off standard work hours. Between 9 – 5 most internet web browsing happens on desktop computers.
  • 51% of web browsing within a day occurs on smart phones, on average, just shyly beating out desktops and laptops for time spend browsing the web per day.
  • 57% of users wont recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile website (socPub)
  • 89% of mobile browsing time occurs in mobile apps, while only 11% occurs in mobile web browsers.
  • Over half of smart phone users grab their smart phones immediately after waking up. (Express Pigeon)
  • 58% of companies surveyed by Salesforce have dedicated resources specifically for mobile marketing (EduBirdie)
  • The Food & Beverage industry receives the most initial attention from online searches (see the table below for more details).
  • 48% of mobile research starts from a mobile search engine. 33% starts on branded websites, while 26% starts on branded apps.
  • 91% of mobile users believe access to content is important. (Wolfgang Jaegel)
  • 46% of shoppers are less likely to shop around when using a companies mobile app. (socPub)

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There are many more statistics to be found, but the evidence in favor of maintaining some sort of mobile app or website is overwhelming. Luckily, the statistics also seem to show that these investments are very likely to pay themselves off. If your business is interested in putting together a mobile website or app, our team is capable of helping you through the process, striving to create a unique, sustainable and attention grabbing new resource for your business. Contact us today!