5 Easy Ways to Boost your Facebook Business Page Activity

Let’s be honest for a moment here. Social media is not only a massive growing online entity; it’s becoming more of a business necessity. Most businesses have a main website to promote their goods and services, yes, but using the most popular social media websites is a great tool to use to get the word out about your company. One of the most popular social media sites in the world is the most common one, Facebook.

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Facebook is an online social media networking site that allows you to do a variety of things, such as post messages, share images and connect with other people. This site is SO popular that 1.4 billion people use it a month! That’s insane! So, if you do have a Facebook business page for your organization but it’s not seeing much activity, what should you do to give it a kick start? Here are a few simple ways:

1) Invite Your Friends

To have a Facebook business page, you have to have a main profile page. If your business page doesn’t have too many likes but your profile page has plenty of people in your friends list, invite them to like and follow your business page. The process is simple! Open your business page and click on the notifications tab. When the notifications page opens, click on ‘Invite friends’.


Then you can start sending out invitations to like your business page to all your Facebook friends because what are friends for, right?

2) Post Interesting Content

What’s the point in having a Facebook business page if there is no content on it? You need to post! Now, don’t just post absolutely anything. For your business page, post relevant, interesting topics and issues. You want to pull people in and give them a reason to read what you post. So, as an example, if you are the owner of a fitness club, I suggest posting fresh, relevant things about health and fitness. Also, keep in mind that people love something that is visually appealing. This means when you post about something, try to attach a picture to it. If you are posting about kittens, post a picture of an adorable kitten that makes people go ‘awwwwww so cute’ and they are more likely to give your post a ‘like’ and leave a comment.
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3) Use #hashtags in your posts

Never heard of hashtags? No problem! A hashtag is ‘a word or phase proceeded by a hashmark (#), used within a message to identify a keyword or topic of interest and facilitate a search for it.’ (http://bit.ly/1Am4XbJ). Basically, when you are writing a post, use a few key words to hashtag that will send your post into a Facebook newsfeed, which will feature the same hashtag words. Don’t hashtag every word! Choose a few words that are relevant to your business. Let’s say you work for a clothing store and you have a big sale coming up, here is an example of what you could write:



4) Promote Your Page on Your Other Social Media Accounts

Who doesn’t like something that is free? One way to bring attention to your Facebook business page is simply promoting your page on other social media sites you may use, such as Twitter and LinkedIn. There should be nothing stopping you from posting about your awesome Facebook page. Ask people (politely, of course) in a tweet or a post to visit your Facebook business page and to follow you there.



5) Link to Your Facebook page on Your Company Website

This one is a no brainer! When customers visit your website, you want to give them another reason to stay interested in your organization. These curious customers could become followers of your Facebook page (and other social media accounts) if you post a link to your company website.

There are plenty of other ways (in which I will post at a later date) to stir up action on your company’s Facebook page, but at least with these 5 easy suggestions, you will be on your way to having a more active Facebook business page.

Happy Facebooking everyone!