It is time to be “Responsive”

I guess like most of us, we are unaware of how much impact technology has affected our habits and decision making; before we commit to a new business or buy products, we are researching over the internet. Now these days we are relying more and more on mobiles devices to accomplish tasks that were completed before on our desktops at home; with this new technology we can tackle projects in restaurants, subways, and airports, almost everywhere anytime; we just can’t deny that this devices are becoming like a second skin for us. We are using  mobile devices more and more for everyday activities and  recent statistics  had proven this.

I can say for myself, that in many occasions when I was using my phone, I became very frustrated because I was unable to read or locate the information that I needed.  I found it very difficult to navigate or just  open one page; basic and fundamental information was unavailable to me.  My question to you is, are you willing to lose a huge chunk of business because your site is not responding to various devices? Are you failing to recognize that now more than half of new business is conducted through mobile devices? Do you fully understand what a Responsive site is?

A very and simple way of explaining it is that essentially your website will adjust or adapt to any device you are using, no matter what it is Android, iPhone, iPad, or Tablet. The same site can be viewed based on the screen of the device, and you will be able to find information without the hassle of trying to zoom in and out.  If you need to call a business you can do so by a simple click on the website. Check some cool ideas and get inspired.

Based on data and real information, it’s not enough to have a basic website; it is crucial that you offer a great experience through every device consumers are using. It is about time to recognize that we need to be “Responsive”, responding to the demands of the market and  consumer trends.

So, what are you waiting for?  call us and we will help you make your website a responsive, so you can avoid any lost business. NetGain has helped numerous customers make this transition to the new era, the era of being Responsive.