NetGain Achieves Google Partner Status


NetGain is proud to announce that we have achieved Google Partner status. The Google Partners program is related to AdWords management and requires companies to meet a certain criteria in order to become a Partner. The premise behind the Google Partners program is to ensure that organizations looking for a PPC management team can find reputable and knowledgeable companies to work with. Currently they are only two companies in Barrie, including NetGain, that have achieved Partner status from Google.

The Google Partners program was launched in April 2013, at a special worldwide kick-off event held in Toronto, Ontario. NetGain was thrilled to be in attendance and came away with a renewed passion for the power of pay-per-click campaigns in relation to digital marketing efforts for businesses. After attending the event NetGain set out to achieve Partner status. The requirements include but are not limited to meeting Google’s best practices standards, managing a certain level of spend, participating in the program continuously, and ensuring that at least one employee is Google AdWords certified. NetGain currently has two staff members that are AdWords certified. They are fully certified for managing search network and display network campaigns.

The challenge of running an effective pay-per-click campaign depends largely on understanding the goals of each client. An AdWords campaign can be used to simply increase traffic to a webpage, or it can be heavily geared towards driving conversions through form submissions or even online product sales.

Grasping the fundamentals of AdWords is simple, but working through the data and developing strategies to help you achieve the desired goals for your business can be time consuming and challenging. PPC management is an ongoing, constantly changing process and NetGain is here to help. As an added benefit of being a Google Partner we have the benefit of being able to provide specials down to you! If you are interested in starting a new AdWords campaign, speak to us and we can offer you a voucher to receive $300 in AdWords credit after you spend your first $100!

If you’re interested in starting an AdWords campaign for your business, we’d love to hear from you! And just to prove we weren’t making all this up, here’s the link to our official Google Partners page. If you’d like more information on the Google Partners program, visit their website here.