The Design Elements Every Great Landing Page Needs

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Every great Landing Page has a similar format to generate specific leads to meet the business’s targeted goals. The idea behind a Landing page is to have one specific goal, for example, generate sale on one specific product or service, often most company websites have several products and services for their customers to choose from and a landing page is a great way to target specific business goals.

The first element is a captivating headline that sells the product or service, followed by a supporting subheading that backs up the headline. Next, a lead generating form is essential in collecting potential customers information which is usually located at the top of the landing page along with the hero shot, which is good quality photography or illustration of the product or a lifestyle image of the service provided. Another important element are the benefits that the product or service offers to prospective customers. Followed by the value statement that reinforces the benefits in a short paragraph. The social proof can be a great way to entice potential clients giving them piece of mind about how other customers are feeling about their product or service. The last essential element is to reinforce the headline because no one is scrolling back to the top of the page the final call-to-action statement.

Other elements to think about are making the page visually appealing and using simple hierarchy to make the page flow easy to follow. Including pricing information also make the company look more creditable and trustworthy like they have nothing to hide from potential customers. Another thing to think about is including company designation, memberships or credential that make the company seem more professional for example ISO certification or membership to your locate BIA (Business Improvement Association). This could also include the company’s acceptable payments, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal or including a business affiliated brands. Note the overuse of other brands and affiliations could have a negative impact, so be modest. Don’t include everything the company has ever done.

In conclusion, always use the essential design elements when designing a landing page, make the design clean and easy to flow, and think about what affiliated brands or memberships could add value to your overall goal of the landing page.

Essential Design Elements
1. Captivating Headline (Call-to-Action)
2. Supporting Subheading -reinforce the call-to-action statement
3. Lead Generating Form -only include essential information fields, less is more
4. Hero Shot -quality photograph of product or service
5. The Benefits -include at least three, five would be better
6. Value Statement -reinforces benefits
7. Social Proof -positive things your customers are saying about the product or service
8. Reinforce the Call-to-Action statement