The Difference Between Search and Display Advertising

As we get into the swing of things in 2016, you may have some marketing plans in mind and one of those plans might include advertising online to help increase the amount of leads you get. There are several different ways you can achieve this goal and I will talk about two of the most popular kinds. Search Advertising and Display Advertising.

Search Network Advertising:

The Search Network is important because it allows you to rank for certain keywords that your website might not rank for organically. An example would be if you are a lawyer in New York City and are finding it difficult to gain any organic traction for your primary keyword ‘Personal Injury Lawyer New York City’. If you advertise in the Search Network, your ads could appear in one of the primary spots in Google because the Search Network is kind of a way for you to ‘cheat’.

Depending on your budget and the cost of the click, your website might be able to rank or even get the top spot for your desired keywords. The downside is it can be expensive, depending on the industry. I have seen clicks cost as much as $150 per click in for personal injury lawyers.

Display Network Advertising:

The Display Network includes ads that a user will see on their regular website visits.  These image based ads will appear on websites like the Weather Network, or on a blog a user would visit on a regular basis or even on a site like CNN.

This type of advertising accomplishes a couple of things: It makes the user think you are a HUGE company. In the back of their mind, they are thinking ‘

  • It makes the user think you are a HUGE company. In the back of their mind, they are thinking ‘Holy cow! This local company advertises on CNN? They must be very successful.’
  • It puts your ad in the face of people almost everywhere they go online. Your company logo will be all over the place.
  • It allows you to advertise on other people’s phones and in certain apps they use.

Typically, Display Network ads don’t ‘convert’ as well as Search Network ads, however, they are an amazing marketing strategy that is an essential part of advertising online. In essence, this type of advertising is like the billboard you see on the side of the highway every single day on your drive to work. You might drive by it 200 times before you call the number.

Another bonus of the Display Network is it is very cost effective. A minimal budget will probably generate tens of thousands of impressions each month. That is a lot of eyeballs on your ad and logo.