Under Construction . . .

We have been undergoing a large renovation here at the office for the last number of weeks.  Gone is the lone hallway of nerdiness . . . NetGain is expanding onto bigger and brighter things!  Expanding our office into proper departments with room to grow!

There are a ton of analogies to make with construction and web design and development but since my main role planning projects getting the team to work together this is also a job under construction.  Building a team that functions well together is always an ongoing process.  There is always staff turnover, role changes that mean the rest of the team is left to juggle while things normalize.  Great teams need to be flexible while that construction process occurs.  Here at NetGain we tend to not only work our specific jobs but sometimes we each need to become a teacher, or a floor sweeper, or even a shoulder to cry on.  When taking on projects like we do often times building a website or marketing is about money and driving business but sometimes it is a deeply emotional process.  We have come to realize that we all need to be on our toes at all times – listening to the client, leading them through a completely foreign language, and ensuring that they feel comfortable and well taken care of.  For each client their website is a construction process as well from planning and design to building the framework or the code of the site to decorating and filling in the space with content.  In the end the finished project is a great accomplishment.

We are excited to expand into our new space and continue to grow into a company that can serve our clients with the highest quality design and development, innovation and a friendly smile.  Yes I am sure Ben and Anthony will still be wearing their funny shirts in the new office space.  Did someone say slide?

office slide