What is Digital Advertising?

In basic terms, digital advertising is any form of advertising that shows up online.

This type of advertising is the fastest-growing advertising channel out there and it is showing no signs of slowing down. Digital advertising offers today’s marketers various options like paid search advertising and paid social advertising.

Digital advertising can be shared across a multitude of platforms without the traditional restrictions of time slots and one-page ads. Due to the fact that there are fewer limitations and the versatility of this channel, digital advertising has become the new norm for today’s businesses.

Why is it important for a business to use this form of advertising?


With statistics like 40% of the world is connected to the internet, 92% of searchers will click on a business from the first search page and 64% of shoppers said social media videos helped them make an informed purchase decision, all businesses should be trying to increase their digital presence. these trends, technologies, and tactics are continuously evolving and as a business, you can’t afford to ignore them. The list of statistics on the benefits of using digital advertising is endless.


When your target markets are so largely online it makes the most sense for your business to be right there with them. 83% of North America is online and globally there are 4.5 billion people active on the internet in 2020. As a  business, gaining a solid presence online is a way for you to open the door to reach your audience not only at home but on the go through their mobile devices. Through digital advertising, you can increase your business’s reach and broaden its appeal wherever your audience may be.


A great aspect of digital advertising is the ability to measure the effectiveness of an ad. With traditional advertising, businesses hope their research was enough to ensure the ad will reach their intended audience. Then they wait to see if sales or traffic has increased at the end of their quarter to gaged whether the ad was a  success or not. With digital, a business has the opportunity to add features like a call to action right on their advertisements which can be easily tracked by programs, that can be assessed on a regular basis. This gives businesses the flexibility to start, stop and change ads more frequently based on their effectiveness.


The main reason digital advertising can be effective if done well is because of how specific you are able to get with targeting your audience. Traditional advertising is more of a hit or miss style. Online platforms allow you to run ads using details specific to your target audience, like geographical location. This allows a business to run different campaigns targeted to many segments of their relevant audiences.

How to use digital advertising effectively? 

It does not matter the size of your business large or small you should be aiming for the biggest return on your dollar when it comes to your advertising budget. While making sure you target your customers and put your brand name and content in front of them at every stage of their buying cycle, understand your audience.  With digital, you have a lot of tools to accomplish both of these objectives. As a business, once you know your target audience, you want to be utilizing tactics like demographic and psychographic targeting. There are various types of digital ads that can be implemented such as banner ads, search ads and pay per click ads, all of which can be used for the purpose of driving more traffic to your website.  Be present on social platforms with dynamic ads, collection ads, and lead generation ads to give your business the opportunity to go viral through shares and views and likes to Increase brand awareness.

It can all be a little overwhelming…

Here at Netgain, we understand how overwhelming it can be to run your own business while also handling all your own advertising. Here is our advice to you, don’t try and do everything on your own. Netgain is an agency that specializes in making sure your business gains the best online presence possible.  Our team will sit down with you and walk you through the process and help you navigate all the different options we offer and explain how it can help your business stay relevant and present in today’s market. Feel free to contact our team and set up a meeting to get started.