Reasons Why Your Website is an Invaluable Business Tool

With over one-third of the Earth’s population using the Internet in 2014, it should come as no surprise that having a website is one of the very best ways to get your business’ name out there. Here is a list of three reasons why your website might just be your greatest business tool.

1) 24/7 Accessibility and Convenience

Most companies operate between some forms of standard business hours, whether it be 8-4, 9-5 or any other variation. If your business has a website up and running, your customers can learn more about your business regardless of the time of day rather than having to plan their schedule around visiting your location during your hours. It’s sort of like having an employee working every hour of every day (weekends included!), capable of working with hundreds of customers at the same time. With technologies such as smartphones and tablets as abundant as they are today, it makes sense to have a way for potential customers to be able to learn about your products or services from the comfort of their living room.

2) Low-Cost Advertising

For the small cost of your domain name and hosting service, you can have a website that billions of people could potentially find while searching the internet. If you compare these costs to something such as a newspaper advertisement, you can see that there is more potential to reach a significantly larger audience through the web than there is through more traditional means, at a much smaller cost.

3) Expanding Your Business Area

Having a website opens up all kinds of opportunities to expand the area in which you can provide services. Someone who lives just on the outside of your city might not see your business in person throughout the day simply because they have no reason to be in that area. However, they may stumble upon your website at some point and say “Hey, I never realized this service was available in this area!” It is a great way to get your name known outside of your general location.

These are just three of the reasons why your website is an invaluable business tool; a large part being that it can lead to a great increase in traffic and in turn may convert into more business opportunities.