5 Personal Qualities Every Web Developer Needs to Have

Web Developer Image

A Web developers skill set can mostly be taught, however, there are a few personal qualities that one must have before thinking about a career in this industry.

1)      Motivation

One must be motivated to stay competitive in the industry. Things evolve quickly and it’s easy to be left behind. Being motivated to improve your skill set is an invaluable trait to have.

2)      Diligence

Making a single mistake can result in hours of code refactoring. As a result you must increase the timeline of a project and inevitably lower your profit margin. A good developer researches and plans their approach before implementation to avoid these kinds of mistakes.

3)      Patience

For the most part what we do in a day can be controlled by ourselves. There are however instances that are out of your control and without patience a project can quickly make a turn for the worse.

4)      Confidence

It’s important to be confident. Web developers live and breathe in a world of unknown API’s, libraries, and frameworks. If you’re not confident in your capabilities you will not succeed.

5)      Attentiveness

Web developers need to pay close attention to many types of details including designs, written instructions, and even verbal instructions. Being an attentive developer will result in few changes from a client.