5 Simple Content Ideas to Boost Your Company’s Social Media


As a working professional, the importance of having an active social media presence for your business is becoming more obvious. More than 80% of North America businesses use a variety of social media platforms, however, not all businesses use social media content properly for effective marketing purposes. From Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn, to give your company’s social media a boost, here are 10 content ideas.

Company News, Blogs, and Events
Whether your company has some exciting news or your company is hosting an upcoming event in your local community, posting and sharing on your social media sites not only helps get the word out but it can help drum up social media engagement.

Industry News
Regardless of what kind of industry you work in, such as finance, healthcare or construction, if there is relevant news that is worth posting about, there is no reason not to upload it to your social media platforms.

Share Company Services and Products
Your company could offer just a couple of services or a wide variety of services but you have no reason not to share them on social media! Even any new, exciting products should be posted about.

Creating informational infographics is a great way to boost your social media. Infographics can cover a wide range of topics, such as your services and industry facts and stats.

Get Personal
In a sense, show off your company’s “soul”. Upload good quality photos and short videos of your staff, work tasks being completed, etc. Showing the lighter side of your company on social media can generate more activity!

There are many other ideas to consider as well, such as creating charts, asking for feedback from community members and conducting contests.

Get started on giving you company’s social media a much-needed boost!