5 Ways to Make Sure Your Site Doesn’t Rank

I would like to change things up a little this month with my blog. I realized that I always talk about how to help your website rank and I realized that I don’t write enough content for the people that don’t want their sites to rank.

Below are 5 ways to ensure your website won’t rank in Google!

Hire an overseas ‘SEO’ Company – We’ve all received the poorly written email that claims to be John from an SEO firm who will get you 10,000 backlinks to high quality sites. If you want to make sure your site doesn’t rank, hire that SEO company today! They may be well intentioned but the tactics they use often aren’t and will almost certain ruin your position in the search engines.

Stuff Keywords into your Content – Google hates it when you stuff keywords everywhere on your site. If you are a local business and don’t want to rank in the search engines be sure that you mention your product or service as much as possible. A great example for a ‘shoe company’ that doesn’t want to rank would be:

“We are a local shoe company that sells the best shoes in our shoe store. If you are looking for the best shoe company in the area that will find you your favorite brand of shoe, style of shoe and quality shoe accessories, then call our shoe company today.”

Don’t do any Social Media – Social media is very important factor that helps a website rank because it sends signals to Google and the other search engines that you are a quality business with an active online presence. If done correctly, social media can catapult your site in the organic search rankings, so if you don’t want to rank, shut down your Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus account right away.

Hiding Text – Another way you can ensure that your site won’t rank is by hiding content on your site. An excellent way to do this is by matching the color of the text to the background and stuffing in all of the keywords you don’t want to rank for as many times as possible. Another way you can hide text is by placing it behind images or other objects on your site.

Write Lousy Content – When you write terrible content with lots of spelling and grammatical errors or write content specifically geared towards Google, you can ensure your site will plummet in the organic rankings.   Better yet, don’t have a blog at all. This will almost guarantee you won’t rank!