A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words! Quick Tips for choosing the Right Image for your Business

Every design needs inspiring imagery to catch the viewers eye. In the design industry, we constantly see poor quality images and wonder why? You’ve heard the expression to put your best foot forward and the same idea is true when choosing imagery to represent your business.

Often people have an emotional feeling towards a photograph based on their background or what they associate an image with. Even the colour in an image can affect the way the viewer feels about the imagery. So here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a photograph.

Quality which refers to clarity of an image and the actual physical size. Yes, you can sharpen a blurry image but it will never be the same as a crisp photography. The physical size is also important depending on what application you are planning to use the image for. For example, one image might look great on a business card but the same image will probably not work as well on a large format piece, like a billboard. Always keep in mind the dimensions of the image you are looking for as well as the orientation (landscape or portrait). Another part of the overall quality of an image is the lighting in a photograph. Lighting often sets the mood of the photography as happy or sad, serious or lighthearted.

Composition is the next thing to think about. Does this photograph represent your business? Convey the right message or explain information to the client assisting with the overall message of the business. Something to keep in mind is the originality of an image, often consulting a professional can help make your business or products stand out in a different way from your competitors. But if the budget does not allow for a professional photographer, stock photography can be a great option, just keep in mind how many times an image has been downloaded. Alternatively you could try cropping your stock image in a different way to best fit your application, thus making it more original.

Always remember that evoking a response in your target market is a great idea and what better way than with a photograph? Lastly, remember less is more using too much imagery can be just as confusing as badly organized information or too much text. Keeping things simple is always the best way to get a clear message across to your customers.

Quick Tips For Choosing a Great Image
■ Quality
■ Physical Size
■ Dimensions
■ Orientation
■ Lighting
■ Composition
■ Originality
■ Evoke a Response
■ Less is MORE!