A Quick Look at Bootstrap

CSS CodingOccasionally when working on web projects we don’t have the luxury of having designs before jumping into development. Even if we do its sometimes nice to have a base or starting point when writing HTML and CSS. A framework I use quite frequently is bootstrap.

Bootstrap is by far the most popular and widely used CSS frameworks. It’s extremely powerful, responsive, cross browser, and looks nice out of the box. It has a built in grid system and many pre built UI components. It makes handling things such as forms, errors, buttons, and many more extremely easy.

Bootstrap also has a tone of plugins that help add advanced functionality. A very good example of this is Fuel UX. Fuel UX adds lightweight JavaScript controls to your Bootstrap application. Things like custom checkboxes, Date Pickers, Loaders, Infinite Scroll, Tress, and much more help bring your application to life.

Bootstrap isn’t always the right tool for the job. If you have an extremely customized website you may be left with bloated HTML. It could also take a lot of CSS overwrites to get your customizations done. If you only want specific component of bootstrap use the customize tool on their website.