Building a Better Business with Cost-Effective Web Marketing Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a valuable marketing tool for any business development plan. Effective SEO strategizing will incur more traffic to a website as well as boast a higher search engine ranking. Consider that approximately 85% of all web users find websites through search engines, and that 75% find desired products and services through search engines.

The same concept can be applied to a retail store; the more people that visit – the higher the chances of making a sale. Even if you are not in the retail sector, it is still wise to apply this principle to your website. One of the biggest questions to ask yourself before you do anything is, “what’s the value of a single customer to me?” Once you know that, you have a basis to track your return on investment with any of the SEO strategies that you implement.

SEO is the process of improving search engine rankings in popular search engine websites like: Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing and Ask. SEO and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) firms are cost-effective partners for businesses of all types and sizes. They help organizations seize the benefits of high search engine rankings and professional website development. SEO and SEM firms provide important business strategy services that work to constantly improve a business’ local market relevancy and further establish a national and international presence. An SEO/SEM firm’s understanding of how and why e-business solutions drive a business’ progression is unequivocally the most important marketing tool a business can invest in.

If a small flower shop in Barrie, Ontario, were actively seeking some sort of marketing strategy assistance to boost sales and awareness, then it would likely consider less-costly avenues such as print and web. The flower shop industry is competitive; markets exist on local, national and international levels. A knowledgeable business owner knows that in order for a business to stay relevant in the minds of potential customers, it needs cost-effective marketing strategy to promote its products and services. More than ever, customers can access information almost instantaneously and search online for local needs – many rely on search engines and social media to point them in the right direction. With an updated, content-driven and well designed website, this local flower shop can use SEO to its advantage and meet the needs of a wider customer base.

SEO and SEM is something that can be handled on your own; it can be time consuming yet also rewarding. There are many different facets of optimizing your website, some of them needing HTML coding experience and others needing no experience at all. Stay tuned for our article on ten easy things you can do yourself to help your company grow its online presence. Remember, if you need help in optimizing your website, NetGain is always happy to work with you in developing a comprehensive SEO strategy that meets your needs and budget. We encourage you to visit our website and check out our web design and search engine optimization services. If you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us.