Can you Exist Without a Website?


Can you exist without a website? This is the ultimate of questions.

Sure you can! If you just want to exist!

Do you want your business to prosper and grow? Of course you do, every business owner wants that. Can your business be successful without a good website? The answer is simple. These days if you don’t have a website, and not just any website, a good website, you pretty much don’t exist. Harsh isn’t it!? But oh so true.

Today’s customer looks first on the internet when looking for a specific service. Nobody flips through the phone book anymore. Phone books don’t exist (well only to hold up your computer monitor haha). Your potential customer types in what they are looking for into the search field and waits as the page opens up with a list of potential services that match their criteria. That same customer then looks at the first page of search results and picks the website that is most appealing to them. “That’s who I want to do business with!” they say to themselves in triumph.

Most of the time that’s it, they don’t even go onto the second page, not to mention third.

If you are not on that first page of search results, how will anybody ever find you? Word of mouth I guess, if you are exceptionally amazing at what you do and sell. But think about all the business you could have if you are on that first page. All I’m saying is, these days you need a good or pretty much amazing website that will work for you, be your number one salesman, will show up on the first page of search results and will be chosen by your potential customer. Otherwise your business does not exist in the eye of the customer.

So can you exist without a website in this day and age?

The answer is, not if you want your business to exist.