Design isn’t Magic! Here is What to Keep in Mind…

Design is not just a pretty picture. There are fundamental rules that help a designer create the right solution. Graphic Designer’s have a lot to think about including the design principals, elements, layout, typography and even the grid.

Let talk about the design principals: Balance, Unity, Hierarchy, Emphasis, Proportion, and Contrast. Often the principal ideas overlap and you can’t have one without keeping the others in mind. Balance can be symmetrical, asymmetrical or even radial. Each design does not have to balance perfectly from left to right but if you choose to make it asymmetrical or radial it better be obvious or no one will know what the designer is doing. The next design principal is Unity. Unity is the harmony of the elements. The way the designer places the elements in the design can help to achieve a good perspective, rhythm or even a pattern. The next two principals go hand in hand Hierarchy and Emphasis. Hierarchy leads the viewer eyes through the design from the most significant thing to the least. Well-placed imagery and typography help the viewer focus on what is the most important thing first, hence Emphasis. Emphasis can also be called the Focal Point of the design. The Proportion of the elements also helps with the other principals. Scaling elements can help create white space, emphasis an object, help create perspective or a new pattern. The last principal is Contrast, deciding how much Contrast or Similarity between the elements can help achieve emphasis in the design. Contrast if made too similar can be a little boring and if there is a lot of contrast you might have a hard time pulling the whole design together. Here are just a few ideas to keep in mind for your next design project.

While the design principals seem like enough to think about, there are also the design elements including Colour, Shape, Line, Texture, Value, Space and Size. Keeping in mind all the fundamental design ideas can be a bit overwhelming and this is really just scratching the surface of design. So most times it is best to consult a professional.