Does Your Website Need Work?



It might be time to do some work on your website if it indicates it’s “about you”. Now that’s not always a bad thing but really your website should be about ‘them’. What’s in it for your target audience? How are they going to benefit from your product or services?

Your goal is to do several things at once to capture and hold attention until you can validate a prospect and get a warm lead. Sounds easy right?


At first glance you’re doing everything right. You have your About Us page, your Services page, Product gallery, a Contact us page… everything you’d find in a brochure or quarterly report.


Your website might need work if it’s a brochure website.

Here’s our products aren’t they just amazing?! Now go to our page listing all our vendors. Usually customers aren’t very concerned with who supplies you with the widgets you are selling.  In a lot of cases, people aren’t even sure what they want.  How many times have you walked into a store for something specific and came out with something different? It’s a pretty common occurrence!


People have needs and you can address those needs but in order to do so you need to interact with them, talk to them, ask them questions, build trust. Show prospects why your product or service will benefit them.  Your website can do that for you 24/7!

It may take a few minutes but you can easily brainstorm a few ideas…let me do that for you.


  • Reviews/testimonials
  • Case studies
    • How can you can take a prospect from zero to hero
  • Before and after gallery’s
    • everyone likes pictures-be clear these aren’t stock photo’s of other peoples work
  • Constantly updated content
    • If you don’t update your content, it’s difficult for Google to keep coming back to your site and recommend it to people looking for you
  • Social media
    • Get on Facebook and Twitter- it’s a great way to interact with customers and potential customers. Google+ is owned by Google, and they reward you for using it.
  • Call to actions
    • Ensure you have these throughout your website – Request a quote form, Ask us a question form, Book a free consultation form.


You can improve your website by using it the way it’s intended, as a lead generating service.


March prospects down your sales funnel holding their hand the whole way knowing that when someone reaches out to you it’s a more qualified lead with real interest. Now close that deal and give your website a raise for bringing new business to your door.


I’m not going to lie it takes a lot of effort to sit down and develop a comprehensive plan. You’ll have to roll up your sleeves and do a bit of work yourself but you don’t need to put someone on your payroll to do it. For the cost of a single marketing employee on staff you can have a full service firm cover all your requirements for less.


If your website needs work, we’ll fix it with you.