Five Tips for Becoming a Web Programming Guru

Web programming is more than just writing a bit of code to project a visual representation of their graphic designers Illustrator or Photoshop file. It’s actually an art form that allows you to bring your vision, as well as your client’s vision, to life. But every programmer works differently within this art form, especially me, I defy the odds starting with tip number 1.

1. Don’t Drink Coffee

As much as coffee wakes you up and keeps you alert, I believe that it will also result in a bigger crash later in the day. I feel we are better off to be well nourished by starting the day with an apple instead. An apple will provide the sugars and energy you need to wake up, feel great and keep that doctor away. Along with eating an apple to start your day, eating something small every two hours aka snacking, you will maintain a consistent state of energy throughout the entire day. This will allow a programmer to stay healthy longer, thus increasing their overall productivity.

2. Be Willing to Learn New Things

This is probably the hardest tip because the technology industry is always changing and the only way to stay competitive is to try and stay on top of it. As a programmer you have to be able to adapt to these changing technologies and apply them to your web applications. The unfortunate truth is that if you refuse to learn about these new technologies you will sadly not survive.

3. Make Mistakes (and Plenty of Them)

Mistakes are a part of the growing process in any aspect of life, but as a programmer they are especially important. They’re important because if you do not make mistakes or write broken code, you will never learn. You will never learn how to fix those mistakes, face challenges and become a better programmer. I believe that the best way to learn how to program is to fix your mistakes, or other programmers broken code. It will teach a web programmer how to fix, prevent and defeat any challenge they face. You can’t learn unless you make mistakes, and once the learning stops, the fun is sucked out of the job.

4. Perfectionism is the Devil

A programmer will almost never write the perfect code and will almost always think of another, better way to write it after the project is done. If you try too hard to make it perfect the first time around, you will never get the job done, as you will find there is always something you can add to your code. The best thing to do is write the code the best you can, get the job done, and then call that version 1.0. The nice thing about web programming is that you can constantly work on your project, even after its “completed” and release new versions to your clients.

5. Extremely Epic Facial Hair

Being confident is that first characteristic (not a tip) that every programmer should have. The way programmers get this confidence, is to grow something extremely luscious on their face. Anything from a full-fledged beard to a thick, majestic mustache will give every programmer the confidence they need to face any challenge given to them. A programmer’s facial hair is the science behind their knowledge by providing them with the perfect thinking pose when times get tough within their web application.

Well that sums up my 5 light hearted tips to becoming a successful web programming guru. Hope to see your work on github soon.