How NetGain Can Help Shredders

About NetGain

NetGain Inc. was founded in 2008 as an advanced web, marketing and graphic services company. NetGain specializes in making websites that are easily found on major search engines, such as, Google, Yahoo & MSN . The company utilizes modern search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to ensure that each client’s website maintains a global presence, drives traffic and generates revenue.

The Ontario, Canada based company offers a complete line of marketing services. This includes the creation and distribution of product catalogues, monthly e-newsletters and product sell sheets. The company writes articles, press releases and case studies. NetGain also designs tradeshow signage, postcard campaigns and logos.

NetGain has over 50,000 keyword combinations generating top page rankings for many national and international clients. This is something which Drew Dekker, Vice President & founder of NetGain believes to demonstrate the company’s success. “Our formula is working on local and national levels. Getting strong organic search results are a great way to promote any business” notes Dekker.

The company has developed effective websites and promotional materials for such companies as All Source USA and Busch Systems. Each of which were widely successful, as well as, efficiently and tactfully done. For example, in three short months NetGain produced Container Essentials corporate website, downloadable product sell sheets, monthly e-newsletters, promotional flyers and product brochures.

Web Services

NetGain believes in the power of the internet for increasing sales in the shredding industry. They are committed to improving their clients business with clean, crisp, easy to use and find websites. NetGain can design and maintain corporate websites tailored to any shredders vision.

Websites have become the primary point of contact for large and small businesses; replacing both telephones and fax machines. A professional website can launch a shredding business into its next phase of success. It can establish a company as a serious contender in the global market place. NetGain develops well organized websites which incorporate professional design techniques and content. This ensures that the sites are attractive to customers depending on the internet to find information.

A website is particularly important for shredders with little time to spare on phone calls. Small businesses generally have all employees fielding sales calls (from operations to accounting staff). Most of which have little customer service training and experience. A website can filter sales calls and improve their responses. By providing company information online consumers can answers their own questions. Essentially, the website can answer the telephone, record information and drive sales with little expense to the company.

NetGain uses modern SEO tools to ensure that a website is easily found by consumers. For this the company targets consumers at the onset of product or service searches. They take business away from competitors and direct it toward their client.

Graphic & Marketing Services

The NetGain team consists of experienced, knowledgeable graphic designers and communication experts. NetGain is eager to develop anything from logos and brochures to postcards and business cards. Drawing on modern design techniques blended with traditional touches to attract any audience.

NetGain also provides photographic services. They can take professional product images and incorporate them into tasteful product guides, specifications sheets and much more. These images work to better sell a product and provide a clear visual identity for shredding containers, trucks and companies.

The company offers a wide range of marketing services including: press releases, articles, case studies and e-newsletters. Each of which can be syndicated through interactive blog forums that the company creates. The information can also be launched through local publications, press release engines and online distribution channels.

At NetGain we bring your design ideas to reality!