How the Grinch Stole SEO

How the Grinch Stole SEO

Everyone at NetGain likes Search Rankings a lot…
But the Grinch, who worked online, Did Not!
The Grinch hated SEO and would manipulate rankings!
And often ran uncouth tactics that caused Google spankings.

It could be his head wasn’t screwed on just right.
It could be, perhaps, the wheel on his mouse was too tight.
I think that the most likely reason of all,
Is that he didn’t follow White Hat SEO Tactics at all.

One tactic he used was to hide his sites’ content.
He continued to do this and to quite the extent.
This content was invisible and completely hidden.
And in Google’s eyes this tactics forbidden!

Another technique was to use keyword stuffing.
But again when he tried this he gained next to nothing.
He would stuff and stuff and stuff some more.
But not a thing changed and he slipped like before.

The next mistake made was paying for links.
Little did he know that this idea really stinks.
He spent so much money on links .edu.
But this tactic is something Google sees through.

He questioned and pondered and threw a big fit.
And felt more Black Hat techniques would surely be it!
The people of NetGain came to him and said:
Use White Hat techniques and your blog will be read!

So the Grinch began to listen and changed his ways.
And he wanted to do so with no more delays.
He needed to rank so he could still be in business.
And had to make it work before the start of Christmas.

And what happened then? Well…  at NetGain they say,
His organic rankings grew three spots the next day!
The minute his tactics changed from Black Hat to White,
He realized the people at NetGain were right!

So from this day forward the Grinch changed his ways.
And he wrote useful content that surely would stay.
He wrote things with value because content is king.
And sooner than later was a full rankings swing!

The lesson he learned is one you can take,
It’s to use White Hat Techniques – don’t make his mistake.
The Grinch learned so much and is better off now.
And will do only things that Google allows.

The people at NetGain wish you the best this season.
And can answer your questions – whatever the reason.
So farewell until next time and Happy New Year.
Use White Hat Techniques and have nothing to fear!