How to Master Twitter Hashtags



Regardless if you are an active, daily Twitter user or if you only occasionally use the social media platform, you have most likely noticed the use of hashtags. While Twitter hashtags are common in social media, if you aren’t familiar with what a hashtag is, it is a word or phrase proceeded with a # symbol. A hashtag is used to help identify topics or messages on something specific and they can be used anywhere in a tweet (beginning, middle or end).

Need an example?

Hashtag -> #hashtag

Twitter -> #twitter

Social Media -> #socialmedia

So how can you master using Twitter hashtags?

First, you need to remember that hashtags are a way for people to search and find tweets that have a common topic or message. As an example, if you are a business owner of a shoe store and you have an upcoming sale and you want to write a tweet to promote your business, think about what kinds of hashtags would work best for your business.


Twitter hashtag example 1

Let’s say you want to focus on growing your Twitter account by reaching more businesses. There are many business-related hashtags you can use.


Twitter hashtag example 2

However, a good tip to remember is that you as if you use too many hashtags, you may turn away possible new followers.


Twitter hashtag example 3

It’s recommended to use three or four hashtags at a single time. Using too many hashtags can be too cluttered – basically, don’t spam your tweets!

Beyond mastering hashtags, there are other ways to improve your Twitter presence, such as tweeting often and engaging with other Twitter users. To go Twittertastic and improve your Twitter account, read more here: