Insider’s Guide to the Importance of Web Development

web development

Why Worry About Web Development?

Despite the increasing reliance on the internet for shopping and research, there are still some who don’t understand why all the fuss must be made about web development. Why can’t advertisements continue in the local paper, or in a magazine? The short and fast answer is that the worldwide acceptance of the internet into personal and professional life has made it essential to have an online presence. 2018 marked the first year in history that consumers were more likely to see an advertisement online than on television, cementing the internet as a powerful marketing platform.

The risk of web development comes when it’s done poorly. A badly designed website can leave a sour impression on potential customers, and may drive away more business than it brings in. For example, individuals who have a negative experience with a website while on a mobile device are 62% less likely to do business with that company. A good website, by contrast, can tell customers that you’re professional, responsive, reputable, and that your services are of a good quality – all without you ever having to utter a word.

Another good reason to invest in a website is the simple fact that your competition is likely already doing it. Given that over 80% of customers research a product or service before they buy, your lack of an online presence will take you out of consideration even before customers begin looking. The convenience of a website allows potential customers to get to know you whenever the urge strikes.

What is Involved in Web Development?

The term refers to the creation of a website, plain and simple. However, there are many different factors that must be considered during web development and shape the overall success or failure of the project.

  • Website Design – Good website design encompasses everything from the navigation and style of the site to how easy it is to use. Even details like how quickly a page loads can influence how long users spend looking at your website. 53% of mobile users will give up waiting for a page to load if it takes longer than three seconds.
  • Content Development – You want the content of your website to be informative, engaging, and accessible. Customers should be able to quickly and easily locate the information they’re after, but they should also come away from your website with a better understanding of your product than they had before.
  • Network Security – It is essential you make sure your website and the network it’s located on are secure, especially if you plan to sell items or services online. The data your clients enter into your website, such as when placing an order, needs to be securely protected to protect yourself from liability and to protect your customers from having their information stolen.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Search engine optimization (colloquially known as SEO) is all about making sure your website can be found online through search engines like Google. The trick here is striking a fine balance between translating the raw data of how people search the web into an understanding of what words and phrases you can use to make sure potential customers find you.
  • Social Media – It’s easy to dismiss social media as too informal for inclusion in business, but your existing customers are one of the strongest advocates you have. Make it easy for new and old customers alike to share their thoughts about your services, and they’ll help spread the word about your company to friends and family

Achieving the Ideal Balance

The ideal website should contain a delicate balance of fact and finesse, allowing your customer to access your contact information on every page while also providing a pleasant browsing experience for them. The writing on your website should always offer something valuable, helping to explain a product or an idea, without being overwhelming. Striking this balance can be challenging, especially if you’ve never created or worked on a website before. In this circumstance, your best bet is to hire a team to navigate through this work on your behalf.

The creative team at NetGain has over a decade of experience in everything from website design to e-commerce and even mobile app development. We work on projects of every size and budget, and we take pride in a job well done on behalf of our clients.

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