Why isn’t Anyone Coming to My Website?

tumbleweedIf you’re a business owner and you have an online presence you may have asked yourself this question. The truth is there is not just one reason people may not be coming to your website. Any one of the following could be causing visitors to leave your website.

1) Load Times
If your site takes too long to load people will leave and most likely never come back. First impressions are important but getting the chance to make one is even more so.

2) Poor Design or UI
Have you ever found yourself staring at a sunset or a really nice painting? The reason we look for so long is because they are visually pleasing. If your website looks bad people will instantly think your website is bad.

3) Bad User Experience
User experience is just as or as important as a good design. If your users are lost or don’t know where to go on your website they won’t stay long. Your site should be consistent from page to page and things such as your contact information, products, about us should all be a click away at any time. Consider adding bread crumbs to help users navigate back to past pages. If your site uses ajax to change content out make sure its connected to history to ensure the back button will work on your users browser.

4) Relevant content
Your sites content should be relevant to the industry you service. If you sell used cars and write a blog post about custom made wooden pencils you wouldn’t expect people to find, or go to your site, for that one specific blog post. And due to the lack of relevant content google would never index that individual page very high. Ensuring that your content is relevant throughout is extremely important to maintaining a good customer base.