“It’s like building a house”

It all makes sense now.

For the first week I felt like a fish out of water, being new, not understanding most of the lingo.

All that changed when the words “building a website is like building a house” were spoken.  It was a true light bulb moment.  Building a website is like building a house – there’s site architecture, framing, design, and development.  Each stage is essential to the next one.  If they are not executed correctly the house will fall down, if the house is at the drywall stage making a change to the plumbing can be quite taxing and expensive, the same is true of website development.

Coming from a real estate and building background, web marketing and website development seems like quite a stretch.  Friends kept saying a sale is a sale, which is true to a point, but it still is a work in progress.  It is key to learn your product and the importance of that product in a client’s day to day life.  For people who are not in the industry, building a website is a creative and intangible thing.  I have found that during the web development process most clients have a difficult time grasping the framework behind their site.  This is why NetGain employs so many experts in their field – to do the framework and design for you – from the very beginning consultation to the launch of the site they are the architects, builders and interior designers behind your greatest marketing weapon . . . your website.

I am happy to be on board with such a group of professionals and key players in this industry and look forward to learning something new every day.

By Christine Hamlyn, Sales Coordinator