Local SEO

Be Found in Searches “Near Me”.

If your business caters to a local market area, then don’t leave anything to chance. Professionally managed, Local SEO increases web traffic, develops fresh leads, and delivers new customers. Be found online when people search for your products and services.

What is Local SEO?

Your local business needs web optimization at a local level. It’s known as “Local Search Optimization” (LSO). Our approach to local search is different than, traditional SEO, or e-commerce optimization. For example, local searchers are increasingly turning to Google’s “Map Stack” for immediate directions and user reviews. Local search results are critical for users who are ready to make a purchase “near me” or schedule an appointment in their hometown. Fortunately, NetGain has proven expertise on how to deliver prominent local rankings.

What is Local Search Marketing?

In a broader sense, Local Search Marketing is about any online activities that promote face-to-face interaction between your ideal clients and your business. For example, you could be encouraging people to visit your physical storefront. Or perhaps your business provides on-site service at a client’s home or office. Either way, the criteria is that you meet with your customers directly at a storefront or within a servicing area. If run a local business, then you need to be engaged in a variety of marketing strategies to attract buyers in your area.


What to Expect with NetGain

Our objective is to expand your online visibility and increase sales by capturing local inquiries.

More Web Traffic

Get found in search results and drive traffic to your website.

More Qualified Leads

We connect you with interested buyers.

More Sales

Increased visibility means a significant boost to your bottom line.

How Does Google Evaluate Local Ranking?

Distance from Searcher

This may seem obvious, but proximity is one of the primary factors Google uses when displaying relevant search results for a local inquiry.  Optimizing your Google My Business account is key.

Search Relevance

Google attempts to provide relevant search results that match the searcher’s inquiry.  Therefore, your local listing needs to be as thorough as possible to capture an array of relevant keywords. Strategic copywriting on your website itself will also help Google understand what services you provide and where you provide them.


If given the choice between two local listings, Google will always try and display the most authoritative listing possible. There are many factors that determine authority. We work diligently to shore up your perceived authority.

The NetGain Method

Every business is different. That’s why we customize our approach to help you connect with your dream customer. Fortunately, NetGain has an arsenal of techniques at our disposal. By understanding your requirements, we select the right mix of optimization strategies that fit your business.

Laying the Groundwork

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Discover Buying Motivations.

We uncover consumer motivations and searching habits to provide direction on which approach will work best.  Keyword research is “key” for understanding how people search for services like yours.

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Research Local Competition.

To beat competitors, we need to evaluate their online strengths and weaknesses.  We will capitalize on opportunities to outrank local competitors.

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Develop Local SEO Strategy.

With our research in hand, we formulate a strategy for digital success.  Our implementation plan includes benchmarking and a timetable of activity.  We focus on efforts that are most likely to yield the best results.

Data-Driven Agency

There’s nowhere for us to hide in a fully transparent, digital arena. You can expect measurable results based on real-time data. Along the way, we’ll uncover new methods to outsmart your competitors and funnel new business inquiries directly to you.

Our Goals

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Attract Local Buyers.

Our job is to deliver fresh, qualified business leads.  We make sure Google fully understands your business offerings and target market.  While there’s a lot of technical work that goes into this, the result is consumers beating a path to your door.

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Map Stack Domination.

Consumers are increasingly turning towards the map results section to guide their purchasing journey.  It’s essential that your business is displayed in the local map results.  But with only 3 map listings, it’s not easy to rank.  Fortunately, the specialists at NetGain know what is takes to show up in the map stack.

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Hyper-Local Content Strategy.

Attracting local consumers is the key success. By incorporating a variety of geographic references throughout your copy, we’ll influence Google ranking and help connect you to buyers in your area.  Our content is always creative and informative.  Every page is vetted by our SEO team for maximum impact.

Our Techniques


Google Map Stack

Put your business on the map! Being found in Google Maps is essential for generating walk-in traffic. The first step is to optimize your Google My Business profile for accuracy and completeness. This is key for displaying in Google’s map section (affectionately known as the “map stack”).


Google 5-Star Reviews

Positive reviews send a signal to Google that you are a reputable business. They are also persuasive indicators for savvy shoppers. Since review are a ranking factor in local map results, we’ll help develop a strategy for attracting 5-star reviews.



It’s called the “worldwide web” for a reason. The internet is built on links to and from other websites. You can’t expect Google to rank you highly if your website isn’t receiving any backlinks. So, we’ll help you earn domain authority by gradually accumulating web links that point to your site.

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Citation Development

A web citation is simply a mention of your company name including an address, phone number, and ideally, a backlink. A citation, from a reliable source, sends strong signal to Google that you are a legitimate company operating at a specific address. Since citations are very powerful ranking factors, we’ll ensure your current citations are accurate and work hard to develop new, high-quality links.


Content Strategy

Your website needs to have the right mix of keyword content. Geographic references are critical for informing Google about your service area. We optimize for your local keywords that matter to you. Our process also includes machine-readable text that appears in metadata, alt attributes, title tags and headers. It’s important that Google fully understands your authority within your servicing area.

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Technical Coding

It helps to speak the same language as Googlebots. As Google indexes your site, their bots look for specific code called “structured data” (also known as “Schema markup”). This code provides information about your business in a standardized way that Google prefers. It can give you an advantage over competitors that haven’t used this technique.

If you run a business that services a local market, then you need Local SEO.

Be found when consumers turn to the web for answers. If you are unsure where to start, then turn to the professionals at NetGain SEO to help you connect with more clientele in the nearby area.  Just call us or send us a note.  We’re happy to help.