Net Gain’s Big Move to 174 Bayfield St. Barrie Ontario

NetGain Moves to 174 Bayfield St. in Barrie Ontario

NetGain Moving Day
David and Justin Start Loading the Truck
NetGain Moves Offices
Bob Packs up for the Move
Move to 174 Bayfield
Corbin and Justin Packing Up at Old Location

NetGain finally ends a decade of slumming in Barrie’s industrial wasteland.  As of April Fool’s Day 2018 (completely coincidental and not in the slightest bit foreboding) the best web design in Barrie just got a prestigious new address.  NetGain moved uptown to luxurious new digs at 174 Bayfield St., Barrie Ontario.  It’s all red-brick-century-home on the outside, with a modern-chic-vibe on the inside.  A spin-off benefit of moving into a converted home is that it feels, well, homey.  We’re delighted to abandon our sterile cubicles for a cozier, boutique setting.  Our creative space is way more conducive to collaboration and productivity.  For example, website development team now has plenty of space for impromptu meetings, brainstorming, and strategy sessions in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

As for location, we’re thrilled to be situated in closer proximity to the downtown core.  Our Barrie clients can conveniently drop by and pay us a visit.  We’ve got terrific visibility on Bayfield St. with 17,000 cars passing in front of our office every day (that’s more cars in one hour than we saw in the entire 10 years at our old location.)  Because of this, installing an outdoor NetGain sign just got bumped higher on our priority list!

Moving Day

174 Bayfield Street Barrie
174 Bayfield Street Barrie
NetGain Network cables
A River of Network Cables
NetGain floorboards
Prepping the Floor

Fortunately, our web developers were light packers.  This crack-team of programmers had no excess baggage other than laptops and several cases of Red Bull.  They were the first group to pack-up, move across town, and settle in to our new office.  With a stereotypical aversion to daylight, our coders are now adjusting to the natural sunlight filtering in through the windows of their new office.  (I’m confident they’ll make the transition to their new home just fine.)

Not surprisingly, NetGain’s SEO Team were the strategic thinkers behind our move (apparently, you can’t turn off “genius”.)  In their natural environment, they are optimizing websites for top placement in competitive local Google searches.  However, once we set them a new task, they planned and executed the logistics of our big move with laser focus.  They even analyzed how to pack the moving truck for maximum density and offloading efficiency.  SEO lived up to their reputation as the brains of the operation.

NetGain’s graphic designers (usually immersed in website design) tapped into their inner feng shui to arrange our new workplace for harmonious traffic flow.  Though thoughtful design, they achieved a layout that encourages group collaboration for a better sense of team spirit.  Now, our creative design team can better communicate with web development department.  And our programmers can easily confer with our SEO team on new web projects.  However, our new home still needs some furnishings, so our creative team will temporarily focus on interior design before turning back to the important work of website design and branding.

Settling In to our New Office

Moving Day
Corey and Corbin Direct Traffic
Upstairs 174 Bayfield St
Brad and Corey Assemble Desks
Settling in to 174 bayfield street
Justin is the first to settle in

When we flipped the switch, our lights turned on, the internet started humming, and phones began ringing.  Thankfully, we are busily back to work with minimal disruption.  Our developers are developing, our optimizers are optimizing, and our designers are designing.  But as we look around, we notice that there’s still a lot of work to be done to transform this house into a home.  We’re already contemplating improvements such as landscaping, future renovations, interior design.  Stay tuned.

We’ll look forward to hosting an Open House in the coming months.  In the meantime, we’ll power up our screens, put on our headphones and concentrate on what we do best: outstanding website design and SEO.  If you are planning an upcoming web project, then we would be delighted to hear about it.  Call us to schedule a visit to our Barrie office.  We’re open for business and we’ll make sure there’s a pot of coffee ready.

NetGain New Office
Andrew Contemplates Life
NetGain Moving Day
Brad, Corey and Aric get settled