NetGain SEO Launches New Website

Barrie, ON – December 01, 2009 – In October of this year NetGain launched a new corporate website.  The marketing services company is making waves across the World Wide Web. NetGain is the top keyword holder in Google for ‘SEO Barrie’. The company’s new website is sure to make an impression throughout online communities and search engines alike.

NetGain specializes in search engine optimization, web services, print, web and graphic design. The company ensures that each client’s website maintains a global presence, drives traffic and generates revenue. NetGain also offers a complete line of marketing services, such as, the creation and distribution of product catalogues, monthly e-newsletters, articles and press releases.

The revamped website blends state-of-the-art web and graphic design. The result is a professional, uncomplicated, vibrant website which is easily found and navigated through. NetGain has applied this formula to several successful customers. Busch Systems International and All Source USA are among them. The Barrie, Ontario based company is pleased by the results it has been able to create for its customers. It is also eager to see what it can do for its own business.

The site features new social media applications, designs and content. There is a new blog forum, articles, press releases and additions to the company’s professional portfolio. The site showcases the web, graphic, and marketing talent which the company has assembled. With a team of experts in the industry NetGain can create, design and syndicate any professional marketing campaign.

Drew Dekker, Vice President and founder of NetGain, notes that “While we are eager to develop fully search engine optimized sites for our customers we always look forward to refreshing our own online image. We are proud our new website and hope it will be engaging for viewers. ”