NetGain’s One Week “Web Design Barrie” SEO Challenge!

Web Design Barrie SEO Challenge Banner

It’s monday morning, we’ve got the new website up and gaining some traction, our new twitter page and facebook updated so it’s been a productive morning for NetGain. We then decided to have a challenge with ourselves for a keyword that we want to target and that target is “Web Design Barrie.” Our challenge is to see how many spots we can move up in the rankings, in a matter of one week. It’s time to practice what we preach; “Content is King when it comes to SEO.”

We’ve had the top spot on google for quite sometime for the keyword “SEO Barrie” but we got a little bit complacent with our website, primarily due to being so busy with all of our wonderful clients, which we’d again like to say “Thank You!” Make sure to check out our web design portfolio before you head off.

Our challenge this week is to see how much we can improve our ranking for the keyword combination of “Web Design Barrie.”

Our current ranking for “Web Design Barrie“: – Page 8 – 76th Overall – Page 8 – 74th Overall

One week is all the time we’ve given ourselves to see what sort of page improvements we can generate merely by using our news blog and our social media including Twitter, Facebook and Linked In. We’re pretty confident that we’re going to see some pretty significant gains in this coming week so stay tuned to see where we turn up on our “Web Design Barrie” keyword ranking challenge!