We help you succeed in every aspect of your digital marketing efforts.

NetGain is a boutique agency offering a full suite of digital marketing services. Our clients enjoy the freedom to pick and choose the individual services that fit their unique requirements. Fortunately, we have a diverse team of in-house specialists, ready to handle any web project you have in mind. Our team leaders harness our brightest minds to deliver professional results that exceed your expectations. Contact our friendly staff to get started on your homepage design, website audit or pay-per-click campaign.

Website Design Services

For over 10 years, NetGain continues to be a recognized leader in website design in Barrie, Ontario. Our award-winning designs are both modern and memorable. On the design side, our graphic artists and content-creators collaborate to produce stunning web layouts. Meanwhile, on the development side, our programmers ensure your website is super-fast and mobile friendly. Learn more about our unique approach.

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Our goal is to modernize your website using a mobile-first design approach, so your visitors receive a powerful web experience in their moment of need.
Design Process
Sitemap Planning
Technical Development
Mobile Responsive
Website Maintenance
Web Presence Audit
On-Page Techniques
Loading Speed
Google Analytics
Google Search Console
Off-Page Optimization
Competitive Reporting

Search Engine Optimization

What’s the point of having a beautiful website if nobody can find it? Search Engine Optimization helps Google discover your site. Since search algorithms change frequently, SEO needs ongoing attention. If you are in a competitive industry, SEO is a must. NetGain’s strategic approach to SEO increases your organic traffic and improves your revenue.

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Ask NetGain to help you rank for the keywords that matter to you. Improve your online visibility and generate new customers with our monthly SEO service.

Conversion Rate Optimization

“Conversion” simply means turning a web visitor into a paying customer. But this is easier said than done! Your layout and copywriting need to be optimized to encourage visitors to purchase your product or service. Fortunately, our team is well-versed in web conversion principles. We implement best practices in conversion psychology on every project.

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Our priority is to guide your customers through your sales funnel, continuously refining the highest converting results to increase your overall revenue.
Clear Value Statement
Social Proof
Trust Badges
Landing Pages
Split Testing
User Experience
Online Store
Secure Payment
Inventory Management
Shipping Features
Product Configurators
Repeat Customers


The key to building a profitable online store is a well-organized product catalogue, easy account access and a simple shopping cart system. For more complex stores, we integrate sophisticated inventory tracking and flexible shipping modules. Foster customer loyalty with an e-commerce platform that people enjoy using. Contact the experts at NetGain to get started.

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Sell your products and services online by adding e-commerce to your website. Find new markets for your products and collect payment immediately. Our e-stores are streamlined and secure. Ask NetGain to develop your virtual storefront.

Digital Advertising Solutions

Pay-per-click advertising with Google Ads is a powerful way to gain immediate advantage over your competitors. Successful ads are purposefully designed to convert visitors into customers. By using a digital platform, we are able to measure your exact return for each advertising dollar. This empowers our clients to make sound marketing decisions based on real data. Contact us to start advertising!

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Advertise online, where people spend their time. Your ad displays at the exact moment when someone is searching for your service. “PPC” means you only pay Google when someone clicks your ad. Ads can be amazingly effective, contact our experts to determine if ads are right for you.
Display Ads
Remarketing Ads
Facebook Ads
Google Partner Program
Return on Investment
Content Marketing
Business Blogging
Persuasive Writing
Newsletter Service
Content Research
SEO Approved

Copywriting Service

People visit your site in search of something. Give them what they’re looking for. Words on the page are at the heart of their experience. Quality content should explain, persuade and motivate. Make sure you are sending the right message to your audience. NetGain’s copywriters are skilled at writing blogs, articles and advertisements. Let’s get started!

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Compelling page content is one of the most important (and overlooked) improvements you can make to your website. Not only does good copywriting influence customer behaviour, it also influences search engine ranking. Let our SEO copywriters craft high-quality content for your website.

Social Media Management

You want to interact with your audience online but you’re too busy running a business to keep up with the demands of social media posting. We get it. Ask NetGain to manage your social media activity on your behalf. We publish posts and engage with your target audience where they spend most of their time: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Now is the time to get social!

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Outsource your social media posting to NetGain. Our social media team manage your social media platforms, providing your organization with a variety of engaging social media posts that are both promotional and educational.
Killer App
iTunes Store
iPhone Apps
Android Apps
User Interaction
Application Interface

Graphic Design

Compelling visuals are at the heart of persuasive marketing. NetGain’s artists produce thoughtfully-crafted graphics that amplify your brand. Make a splash with a new logo, advertisement, or brochure. Our team creates memorable impressions that are designed to strike an emotional chord with your audience. Tap into our creative genius for your next marketing project.

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We’ve got a knack creating the perfect visual to convey an idea to your target audience. Don’t be bland. Connect with prospective customers with stunning graphic design from NetGain. Our designs are always fresh and original!
Website Design
Tradeshow Booth Design
Email Marketing
Social Media Graphics

NetGain’s team is comprised of web developers, graphic designers, strategic thinkers, project managers, copywriters, data analysts and digital marketers.

We love what we do.

And it shows in our long portfolio of successful projects. Can your business benefit from our energy and enthusiasm to propel your digital marketing? We think so! Contact us to learn more. If you are located in Barrie, Ontario, then drop by our office at 174 Bayfield St. for a chat. We would love to meet you and learn more about your project.