Count on NetGain’s skilled copywriters to produce quality content for your website.

Our content marketing experts uncover the information your target audience is seeking through industry research. Our carefully crafted pieces improve your search results and build a positive brand reputation. From blogs to website copy, we offer a full complement of writing services for your business needs. Gain a significant competitive advantage by outsourcing your website content creation to a professional agency.

High-quality content is the cornerstone of all top-performing websites.

Compelling writing is a significant factor in converting website visitors into paying customers. It also plays a vital role in influencing your search results in Google. A content marketing strategy should be at the top of your list of website improvements.

Copywriting Services

Business Blogging

Industry news articles are a powerful way to generate traffic on your website. From a strategic perspective, fresh web content is also valuable for SEO results. By outsourcing copywriting to NetGain, you’ll position your organization as an industry authority. We’ll craft and publish relevant news articles on a regular schedule. Announcing new blogs through social media is a terrific way to attract new readership. Discover more benefits in NetGain’s article, entitled: Blogging for Business.

Website Pages

It’s surprising how much “thin content” is found on business websites. Your target audience is not well served by sparse content. Worse yet, a lack of content doesn’t help Google indexing bots properly understand your business. NetGain’s copywriting helps you make a solid first impression with informative pages that thoroughly describe your product or service.

Newsletter Service

A professionally written e-newsletter keeps your brand top of mind with current and prospective customers. We’ll work with you to craft your message, then we’ll take care of the heavy lifting (writing, graphics, distribution). We deliver a quality newsletter that helps you stand apart from your competitors. Whether monthly or quarterly, newsletters remain an effective way to connect with your audience.

Save Time

Most business owners don’t have endless hours to write engaging website content. Outsource to the professionals.

Grammar Experts

We are experienced writers with a knack for conveying ideas in a convincing (and grammatically correct) way.

SEO Perspective

We write for human audience and Googlebots. We know how to construct a page for maximum SEO value.

What is Content Marketing?

Web content is generally regarded as written content however it also encompasses images, graphics, layout, and video. A well-planned content marketing strategy allows organizations to boost their impact online. By producing high-quality articles, infographics, social posts, videos and photos, businesses have a wide range of mediums for reaching prospective clients.

In the web marketing community, we like to use the phrase “Content is King”. And for good reason. Content marketing is the most effective way to influence human visitors as well as Googlebots. There’s a staggering array of formats including educational pieces, web pages, white papers, newsletters, FAQ’s, e-books, podcasts, and video transcriptions. The key is producing high-value, unique content on a regular basis. When done properly, content marketing engages your target audience, benefits your search rankings, and improves your brand reputation.

Content Marketing is too important to leave to chance. Contact NetGain to schedule a free consultation. We’ll identify gaps in your current content, analyze competitors’ pages, and chart a course forward with a robust publication schedule.

Benefits of Content Marketing


SEO Value

High-quality web pages and blog posts increase visitor dwell time and user engagement. They are a terrific opportunity for keyword integration and internal linking. These SEO-friendly techniques send signals to Google that your web page deserves to rank higher than a competitor’s.


Social Reach

Post your articles on social platforms and build an online audience. By providing high-quality content on a consistent basis, social followers will act as brand ambassadors and share your material with their peers, thus amplifying your message.


Digital Reputation

When potential customers seek your services online, it’s important they receive comprehensive information written in an engaging style. Content-rich pages will gain the trust of your audience and position yourself as an industry authority.

Content Marketing Philosophy

NetGain’s driving goal is to dramatically improve our clients’ online visibility while decreasing cost per acquisition. We firmly believe digital marketing should provide a measurable return on investment. Our approach helps you deliver impactful content to prospective clients in their moment of need.

We produce exciting content for any organization, of any size, in any industry. We drive user engagement by uncovering the most effective channels for sharing ideas and concepts that directly result in new followers and new business.

NetGain’s Content Marketing Process

There’s value in taking a strategic approach to content creation. Netgain takes a step back to see the big picture before we dive into the writing process. Our starting point is the Discovery Phase where we identify your short and long-term digital marketing goals. With a plan in place, we put pen to paper in the Execution Phase. Expect high-caliber writing from our team. Many copywriters drop the ball on the final phase whereas we feel a follow-up is an important reality check. Since NetGain is a full-service digital agency, we have the resources to dig into your Google Analytics data to evaluate the effectiveness of our work.


Discovery is arguably the most important phase. Together, we’ll review your business and marketing goals to ensure we are aligned. Our findings act as a compass for our copywriting efforts. Our next step is to perform competitive research on techniques that are working well in your industry. This includes a “gap analysis” of content that may be missing from your website. Additionally, we’ll review existing content and make recommendations for improvement. We’ll identify the proper channels for distribution whether white papers, blogs, social posts, or on-page. Discovery is an excellent opportunity to establish success metrics and benchmarks to help in evaluating future results.


We start by creating a publication schedule. Our content calendar has a monthly list of deliverables that is charted out in advance. We follow industry best practices in our writing, for example, we’re sure to include internal links, backlinks and sufficient page length for SEO-friendliness. To improve readability, we include images, sections and headers. Before publishing articles, we’ll send proofs for your review. With your approval, we upload content online then get started on the next article.


Based on benchmarks established in the Discovery Phase, our SEO team monitors audience engagement with your newly published content. Google Analytics is a terrific tool for measuring page performance including: readership, dwell time, and user behaviour. We even perform a rankings review, against your competitors, for a wide selection of keywords. Scheduled calls and weekly SEO reporting are an important part of our Follow-Up process.

Our Promise


Effective writing. No surprises.

Big Picture Thinking

Our diverse team of experts affords us the unique ability to pull talent from across disciplines to accomplish extraordinary results.


A personal approach makes all the difference. Our clients are assigned an experienced project manager to oversee planning, writing, and distribution.


Our Barrie copywriting service is focused on delivering consistent, measurable results.


We get the job done on time and on budget. If revisions are required, we will gladly perform them. Our goal is a satisfied customer.


We measure our success by the success of our clients. By treating business relationships like a partnership, we have a vested interest in achieving success..

Web Content Best Practices

Bite-Sized Sections

Readers don’t want to be confronted by a wall of text. Smaller sections with prominent headlines make your web pages infinitely more readable. Visitors want to quickly scan through a section before diving into details. We’ll ensure your pages are inviting and easy to navigate.


Attempts to be clever or humourous, sometimes get writers into trouble, with misunderstood pages that lead to audience confusion. We solve this problem with succinct, powerful language.


Before typing our first word, we believe in learning about your business and industry. We’ll research your competitors to gain new ideas and uncover the best web content. Once we understand your customers’ motivations, we’ll write content that speaks directly to your target audience.


Even in mundane industries, we find ways to build excitement from otherwise dry topics. By using eye-catching graphics, intriguing layouts, and an informative style, we engage your website visitors and encourage them to stay a little longer.

Search Engine Optimized

Our web content is written to catch Google’s attention. We carefully use keyword and geographic references throughout your copy – without laying it on too thick. Since Google prefers longer pages, we ensure there are enough words on the page to influence search engine results. In the spirit of the world wide web, we include internal links and external links. We make the content interesting for humans too (since Google is evaluating human behaviour such as page visits, bounce rates and dwell time).