Graphic Design

First impressions matter.

Graphic design is more than a “pretty picture.” We come across so many logos, websites and other visual elements daily that it’s important to make your logo stand out. For a business, graphic design is essential. Businesses need graphic designers to create marketing materials to make them stand out from their competition.

Wondering how graphic design benefits a business?

Graphic design works as a form of communication between your business and your audience.

And that communication is the first impression customers get from your business. The first time a visitor interacts with your brand sets the precedence for the rest of a potential customer’s interaction with your business.

It establishes brand identity.

Starting up a business is a lot of work. Business owners are so busy, sometimes the brand identity gets lost or it’s confusing. Developing a brand identity is important for your business. Just like each person has unique traits and characteristics that set them apart from anyone else, the same goes for a business. Design is the foundation of your brand identity. Things such as your logo, your packaging, web design, social media graphics, business cards all determine how your brand is perceived. We will work with you to ensure your brand identity is an accurate representation of your business.

Makes content readable.

Good design is often experienced, not noticed. Often, when we notice design, it’s for the wrong reasons, such as poor images, font that is difficult to read, etc. When you discover a piece of design that is well thought out, you may not even notice it at all. There are so many moving parts to a website: responsive web design, content that is search engine optimized, etc. Content is an essential part of a website and graphic design ensures that it’s readable. Good graphic design enhances the readability of your content to ensure that it is attention grabbing and reads seamlessly.

Helps convey your message.

Graphic design helps your business tell a story. Regardless if your business is a flower shop or has a multi-million-dollar ecommerce platform for retail, you have a story to tell.


By communicating with you, we will understand the story your business is trying to tell.
Graphic Design in Barrie
Our graphic design team is passionate about creating visually effective pieces.

We work with you to determine your unique tastes and ideas, and we use these insights, with our visual knowledge, to design beautiful presentations. The designs we create are original and of course, customized specifically for your business in the style and colours that reflect your brand and image.

Whether you require graphic designs for your website, logo designs, banner designs, business cards, tradeshow booth designs, email marketing or postcards, we can design it all. From digital to print, our graphic design professionals have you covered

What we do

Website Design

Compelling web design extends beyond an aesthetically pleasing homepage. We never take a cookie cutter approach to our web design process. We structure pages to encourage visitor engagement, which cues potential customers into taking the next step. We treat web design as a collaborative process, and we work closely with you to find a design you love.

Logo Design

Designing a logo gives your brand an identity and strengthens your business name by giving customers something to remember you for.

A strong brand begins with a strong logo and will build strong customer loyalty over time. Creating a logo with help with visual consistency as you continue to grow your business.

Business Cards

Business cards are important for every business, regardless of its size. As business cards are often handed out to customers or potential prospects, it’s important to have them on hand.

Business cards that are professional, attractive and contain relevant contact information are essential, especially when your business is just starting out. They help you and your business appear credible and professional.

Email Marketing

Content is important when creating email campaigns, but images are important too. With the number of emails flooding inboxes on a daily basis, yours has to stand out. Images grab attention and it will be the first thing a subscriber sees when they open your email. Make sure they stand out!

Social Media Graphics

If your social media posts are lacking or if you don’t have the proper resources, contact us. Using striking, captivating images on social media is proven to be effective. Using images on social media allows your brand to stand out, build loyalty and increase engagement.

Tradeshow Booth Design

Businesses often rely on tradeshows to increase their network and attract future customers. Having your booth display designed professionally will ensure that the display is visually appealing to attract attention. People should want to stop by to see what your business has to offer. Good design can help with that!

How Does it Work?

1) We Sit Down With You.

We would love to have a chat with you to discuss what your goals are and discuss your creative vision (if you have one in mind). That could mean a phone call conversation or – if you’re local – stop by and meet us face-to-face.

2) We Get To Work.

After we have defined your brand messaging, we get to work on your design.

3) We Send It To You.

After the design is complete, we send it to you for approval.