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Reach new customers and increase sales revenue with online advertising. Search Engine Marketing is the process of gaining traffic and visibility from search engines through paid efforts, such purchasing banner ads or pay-per-click (PPC) programs. Be found at the precise moment when shoppers are seeking your type of products or service. Whether by smartphone or PC, show up when people are searching for you in Google Search and Local Maps. Unlike traditional marketing, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad (hence “pay-per-click”). Under NetGain’s stewardship we will create, monitor, and optimize your Google Ads campaign.

Our shared goal is to increase your exposure through online advertising and ultimately convert visitors into paying customers. To that end, we will actively manage your Google Ads campaign to determine what tactics are working and where there might be room for improvement. We will closely monitor your paid traffic and provide you with actionable reports that detail visitor behaviour, including click-through rates and of course, conversions. Count on us to provide measurable return on your investment.

Outsource your online advertising to the trained experts at NetGain.

As a recognized Google Partner, NetGain has developed an extremely successful pay-per-click (PPC) program. Our industry expertise has refined our selection of the most effective keywords, broad phrase matching, geo-targeting, and bidding strategy.

Types of Digital Advertising


This is the most traditional and effective form of digital advertising. Your ad is triggered to display in Google’s search engine results page.

Display Ads

We’ll configure your banner ads to show up through Google’s Display Network – a huge network of high-traffic websites.

Remarketing Ads

These advertisements are displayed to previous visitors of your website. It is a gentle way of reminding them of that thing they meant to do last time they visited your site.

Facebook Ads

Facebook offers remarkable demographic and geographic targeting. Your ad shows up in Facebook or Instagram news feeds.

Who Needs Pay-Per-Click?

New Websites

PPC provides immediate traction for brand new websites that are not yet ranking organically for competitive keywords. Fortunately, you can rank on the first page with paid advertising, while you are waiting for your website to catch up in natural search engine results. Interestingly, many of our highly-ranking clients still choose to continue advertising because pay-per-click is so effective. Searchers have become more accustomed to clicking on ads and advertisers don’t want to risk missing opportunities. Either way, we recommend letting your ad run for at least 90 days, so we can gather meaningful data to help inform your marketing decisions.

Competitive Industries

If you work in a highly competitive industry, it’s a safe bet all your competitors are scrambling for the top position, on the first page of Google search results. What is the best way to compete? Even if you don’t have the marketing resources to compete in organic listings, or map stack results, you can still increase your company’s visibility. Digital advertising is the key to beating your annoying competitors. Our Google Ads Team even knows the secrets to helping small, local companies outperform large, national chains. Advertise smarter with a managed marketing program from NetGain.

Don’t Make These PPC Mistakes:

Sending Paid Traffic to Your Homepage

This is a classic mistake made by do-it-yourselfers. At first glance, your homepage seems like a reasonable destination for your paid traffic but there are a few problems with this approach. Homepages typically provide an overview of all your products and services. It doesn’t make sense to force your prospective customer to hunt through your website for the information they need. They’ll end up getting frustrated and abandon your site. Instead, create a product-specific landing page that motivates visitors to make a purchase.

Providing Too Many Escape Routes

Sending paid traffic to your homepage or internal product page has drawbacks since there are too many “escape routes”. A typical website could have dozens of links to other pages or social media platforms. This is bad for conversion. Visitors are likely to start clicking around and getting distracted. Your paid traffic should be funneled into behaving a certain way (buying a product, signing up for a service, or requesting pricing).

Overlooking Quality Score

Google’s Quality Score is an important metric to assess the relevance of your ad. A new campaign starts with a quality score of zero. There are many factors that Google uses to assign a score including click-through rate, keyword relevance, conversion rate. By maximizing your quality score, Google will reward you by displaying your ad with more frequency and higher in the results page. You’ll also enjoy a discounted cost-per-click for delivering ads that meet your prospect’s needs.

Our Pay-Per-Click Philosophy

NetGain will monitor your campaign on a weekly basis. Our goal is to increase conversion rates while lowering your overall cost per lead. This involves continual adjustments to bidding rates, keyword performance, and conversion factors. We will keep you updated with monthly reports. If you can’t wait until your next scheduled report, our clients can log in anytime to check their own progress. Your data is fully transparent and immediately available.

Advertising Budget

We can accommodate nearly any advertising budget. Establish a daily or weekly limit, and you will never exceed it. Over time we will build a case for either increasing or reducing budget on certain keywords. We build flexibility into every campaign so if you need to pause your spending, we can adjust accordingly. For complete transparency, PPC advertising expenditure is paid directly to Google.

Keyword Building

Building a successful campaign begins with strategic keyword research. Our experienced staff start by building a keyword library of terms likely to be used by people searching for your services. Our online tools help us pinpoint competitive keywords, search frequency and anticipated bid rate. We further refine the list by creating exact match keywords, modified broad match keywords and even negative keywords (to avoid “nuisance clicks”). As your campaign builds momentum, we will revise your keyword list by promoting successful keywords and diminishing low-value words.


Business owners need accurate marketing data to make informed business decisions. We start gathering data on your Google Ads campaign the moment it goes live. Our team closely monitors the performance of your campaign and provides meaningful reports with incredible granularity. We’ll schedule a meeting or phone call to discuss your progress and make strategic recommendations for continued refinement.

PPC Tracking

With NetGain’s digital advertising services, we pay close attention to performance metrics. We’re a data-driven company and there are a wide variety of statistics that that guide us in the right direction. Here are a few key indicators we focus on:


An impression simply refers to your ad appearing in search results. Fortunately, you only pay for the number of clicks your ad receives, not the number of times it appears. Still, attracting new customers means your ad needs to appear at the right time. Our staff actively manages bidding rates, keyword matching, time-of-day scheduling to strategically boost your impressions.


CTR is an acronym for “click-through-rate”. It is a measurement of the number of times people click on your ad versus the number of impressions. A low click-through-rate sends a warning signal to Google that your ad may not be relevant to search queries. This lowers your overall quality score. Our PPC managers know what a healthy click-through-rate looks like. We work diligently to improve your CTR and quality score.

Cost Per Click

There are several factors that determine your cost per click. It is not uncommon to see variability on a weekly, daily, even hourly basis. Factors such as marketplace competition, time of day, search volume all play a role in determining your cost. By improving your ad quality score, we actively work to lower your cost per click.

Ad Position

Much like organic ranking, ad positioning is critical for success. It’s not helpful for your ad to appear at the bottom of the page, or worse yet, on page 2. If you’re not paying attention to your average ad position, then you could be leaving money on the table. We constantly work to improve your quality score to ensure your ad ranks among the top 2 or 3 positions.

Cost Per Lead

This is the magic number. Most people mistakenly focus on cost per click when they should pay closer attention to cost per lead. However, if a campaign isn’t set up properly, you’ll never know your true cost per lead. We track every inbound phone call and form fill. Armed with this information, you will be able to exactly calculate your return on investment.

Conversion Rate

Not every click on your ad is going to convert into a paying customer. However, we can tip the odds in your favour. We employ conversion psychology in every one of our campaigns. We study healthy conversion rates for a wide cross section of industries. Our sole focus is to drive down your cost per lead and continually improve your conversion rate.

Our PPC Strategy

Landing Pages

A landing page is a page specifically designed to receive traffic from an advertising campaign. We use dedicated landing pages for two reasons: conversion and tracking. Conversion philosophy deals with persuading customers to perform a desired action on your web page such as registering, purchasing, or inquiring. Our landing pages are specifically designed to maximize conversion of leads into paying customers. We strip away all the distractions of your homepage and laser-focus the landing page on one product or service. This highly-trackable strategy allows us to closely monitor how users interact with the page so we can continuously improve your return on investment.

Split Testing

In a “split test”, we send half your paid traffic to Page “A” and the other half to Page “B”. (That’s why this strategy is also referred to as “A/B Testing”.) By monitoring customer behaviour, we assess which page has a higher likelihood of converting a customer. Once we determine the winner, we’ll make a subtle design change and put forth a new challenger. Thus, continuing our quest for the best converting landing pages. Without split testing, your landing pages will underperform – and you’ll never even realize it. If you don’t know how to set up split testing, then ask NetGain to do it for you.

Call Tracking

When given a choice, people are more likely to respond to your ad by phoning you directly, versus filling out a form. This may come as a surprise to form-fillers, but our data confirms it. But how can you measure a conversion if a searcher phones you? Easy, by setting up a call tracking account. Creation of a call tracking account for your Google Ads campaign is critical for measuring ROI. No additional phone lines are required. Call tracking is paid directly to the call tracking company and can be cancelled at any time. It provides a powerful and seamless way to measure conversions.

Google Partner Certified

Did you know Google has a formal certification process for Pay-Per-Click managers? As a Google Partner, it’s a strong indicator you can trust NetGain to effectively manage your digital advertising campaign. Our accreditation assures compliance with Google’s stringent requirements for effectively managing PPC on behalf of our clients. If you are attempting to configure Google Ads yourself, you may be wasting money without even realizing. For measurable ROI, it’s time to outsource to the professionals at NetGain.

Google Partner Benefits

Our Google Partner badge demonstrates that individual employees at NetGain have passed exams and are qualified to administrate Google Ads campaigns. Our Google Partner status gives us access to valuable training and exclusive benefits. The most important part of the qualification process is having demonstrated exceptional growth for our clients. Our involvement with the program ensures our customers receive a higher level of expertise. It’s our way of showing we’re a committed partner in your success.

What to Expect from NetGain

Account Set-Up

A solid foundation starts with a correctly configured profile. That’s why our first step is to carefully set up your Google Ads account. Whether we inherit an existing account, or create one from scratch, we will properly set up parameters including: ad groups, keywords, geography, budget, and bidding.

Keyword Research

Next, we conduct competitive research into the most effective keywords for your industry. Our powerful tools can predict keyword search volume and estimated bid rates. We’ll draft a list of every keyword combination likely to yield results. Equally important is a list of negative keywords that could accidentally trigger your ad inadvertently. With this information we begin programming a laser-focused PPC campaign.

Landing Pages

To give your new campaign the best chance for success, NetGain will design a mobile-responsive landing page for your paid traffic. We’ll take care of the copywriting, call-to-action, and overall page layout. We’ll handle the technical work of connecting your landing page to your website and setting up tracking codes.

PPC Questions and Answers

I tried pay-per-click before and didn’t see the results I was looking for.

That can be frustrating. It’s not uncommon for us to encounter improperly set up accounts. Our experience is correct configuration makes all the difference between underperforming and highly performing ads. For strategic ideas, read our article on pay-per-click strategies.

What’s the difference between SEO and SEM?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves your organic (unpaid) rankings while Search Engine Marketing (SEM) improves your paid visibility in search results. SEO can take months to be effective and is considered a marathon. SEM is a sprint, in comparison, since it can start yielding results in days or even hours.

Can’t I do this on my own?

Sure. But people outsource PPC management to the professionals for the same reason they outsource their home plumbing and electrical work to the professionals. Expertise pays for itself in the long run.

Once ads are set up, why do I need management services?

Google assigns a quality score of zero to new campaigns. Without active management, quality scores are likely to stay near zero. Unfortunately, this results in increased cost per click and decreased visibility. NetGain’s management services ensures your quality score improves and your ads attract the right kind of traffic.

Can my competitors click my ads?

Yes, but they won’t get away with it for very long. Google carefully monitors and detects fraud and irregular activity. Google will refund your account if invalid clicks are detected.

What if I already have an existing campaign?

No problem. We have a formal process for inheriting and managing existing Google Ads accounts.

Do people click on ads?

Even if you aren’t clicking on ads, other people certainly are. Google strives to deliver high quality, relevant ads based on the searcher’s inquiry. Google relies on advertising revenue and has made it more enticing for searchers to click on ads instead of scrolling down to the organic results.

How will I know if I’m wasting money?

With a properly configured campaign, we will know very quickly who is clicking on your ad and whether they are converting into a lead or customer. We can work out your return on investment and make an informed business decision about your online marketing efforts.

How long has NetGain been providing PPC services?

Online advertising has been a core strength since our inception in 2008. We employ a team of in-house experts to actively manage your digital ads.

How do I establish an advertising budget?

NetGain will recommend a budget range depending on industry and geographic coverage. We can accommodate any budget no matter how small or large.

If I increase my budget, will my sales increase?

Generally, yes, but every campaign has a natural saturation point, where added spending does not increase sales. We’ll explore these boundaries in efforts to optimize your advertising expenditure.

Our Promise

Open Communication

We keep the lines of communication open with detailed reporting and regular meetings.

Personal Attention

Our clients are assigned an ambassador to oversee your account and serve as a liaison with our technical team.

Results Driven

We are a data-focused company that follows the numbers and holds ourselves accountable to a high standard.

Digital Marketing Experts

We are trained and recognized experts in our field. Count on NetGain for professionally managed PPC services.

About NetGain

While our offices are physically located in Barrie Ontario, we actively manage digital advertising programs across Canada and throughout the United States. All PPC services are performed in-house, never outsourced to a third party. Our experts are individually certified under the Google Partner program, so you can rest assured you are receiving the highest level of attention and expertise. If you are considering hiring a professional company to configure and oversee your online advertising, then call NetGain for a complimentary 20-minute strategy session 1-888-797-2455.