Mobile Website Design

Embracing business on the go.

Mobile Experiences

The bar has been raised for mobile experiences. Consumers have come to expect seamless solutions for everything they want to do on mobile. However, smartphone users have also become impatient. We have grown accustom to instant availability of information. Consequently, potential clients will move away quickly if your mobile website is underdeveloped and experiences aren’t in line with expectations. NetGain meets this challenge by delivering intuitive, fast, mobile experiences – and we do it with less steps, clicks, and redirects.

Mobile Expectations

Visitors aren’t just comparing your mobile website with others in your industry, they are comparing you against the best mobile experiences they have ever had. If your website disappoints, then potential customers will move on to a competitor. Having a site that simply scales properly on a smartphone is nowhere near adequate anymore. At minimum, your mobile website needs to load quickly. Very quickly. And visitors need to be able to immediately find the information they are looking for. Once you remove the friction for mobile users, you will increase the chances of earning a new customer.

Mobile Solutions

The solution starts with rethinking your customer’s entire experience with mobile in mind. Our philosophy is that website design should be approached from a mobile first perspective (with desktop second). Your site needs to deliver convenient, helpful solutions for web searchers on the go. When you put mobile users at the center of everything you do, you can solve bigger problems for people and find ways to meet their needs while they are on the move.


Did you know that mobile internet traffic overtook desktop traffic back in 2016? This means that your prospective customers are primarily searching for you on their tablet or smartphone. And the trend towards mobile continues to accelerate. And it’s not just consumer traffic, but businesses need to pay attention since B2B mobile search traffic is rising quickly. Office workers increasingly use multiple screens and devices from their workstations. And professionals are searching for your products and services from home or on-the-road using a tablet or smartphone. Embracing this new trend reduces the risk being left behind.

Mobile influences over 40% of revenue
in leading B2B organizations.

Think with Google

Mobile Responsive Websites

A responsive website automatically scales itself to the screen size of the device being used. NetGain’s developers incorporate responsive technology into every website we create. This guarantees that the user can easily view your site whether on an Android smartphone, Apple iPad, or any other device. We ensure that menus are clear, text is legible, and your content zooms correctly. If you’re unsure about your website, Google offers a mobile-friendly test and will make suggestions for improvements. Simply cut and paste your web address, or URL, into the field. If it turns out that your site needs attention, contact NetGain for a free consultation.


Your next step is to incorporate click-to-call functionality on your mobile responsive website. By prominently displaying your phone number, you are on the right track to encouraging your customers to call. By making your phone number “clickable”, you’ve taken another giant leap to converting a new customer.

Loading Speed

Finally, let’s consider loading speed. A fast site shows that you are “open-for-business” exactly when prospective customers need you. The stark reality is that if your homepage takes longer than a few seconds to load, your customers will drop you and check out a competitor instead. In fact, a Google study found that over half of visitors will abandon a mobile site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Ouch! We recommend testing your mobile speed with Google PageSpeed Insights. Evaluate your loading speed to ensure that you are delivering a lightning-fast mobile experience. If you discover that your site is slow, then ask the technical experts at NetGain to boost your loading speed.

Let’s Get Started

When hunting for the best website design company in Barrie, look no further than NetGain. Our websites are blazingly fast and, of course, mobile-friendly. We’ll be delighted to design a beautiful and high-performing website for your organization. After your launch, count on our SEO team to drive traffic to your new website. Click-to-call us today!