Search Engines Who? Just Google™ It!

The launch of Facebook and other popular social networks changed the way search engines worked. Google™ in particular, was holding the majority of the market share and knew they had come up with a system that would take them into consideration. They came up with the an algorithm that only the most brilliant people can explain and created their own page ranking system called PageRank; which consisted of about 22 features that were well beyond the original capacity of traditional search engines. Some of these ranged from synonyms and weather forecasts to time zones and maps. This created a market for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) more than ever before and many companies started making hundreds of thousands of dollars on just SEO alone.

Google™’s search engine is so powerful that it holds more than 80% of the market share worldwide and is now being used as a verb. The phrase “Google™ it” is what most people would use when telling another person to search for something on the web. By making their search live they did the unimaginable. Who knows what else they have in store… in addition taking over the world.