Should I Run and AdWords Campaign?

Google AdWords can be a powerful marketing tool if used correctly. If you are not quite sure what Google AdWords is, let me give you a brief explanation.

Google AdWords is a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing platform provided by Google. It allows you to create and display ads within the Google search results page. Let’s take a look at what this looks like and where they appear within the search results.

I will run a search query within the Google search box, looking for “birthday party supplies”. If you look at the screenshot below you will notice a few results with a yellow box, with the word “Ad”. (I have blocked domain names for the purpose of this post). These are ads served by Google AdWords.


All of these ads were created by companies to either promote their business or specific product. The position of your ad will depend on: the quality and relevance of you ad copy to the search query used, the quality and relevance of your landing page that the ad links to and other more technical factors as well. We will not discuss the more technical factors for the purpose of keeping this post simple and easy to follow.

How Much Do AdWords Cost?

The nice thing about this marketing tool is that you are only charged for your ad if a user clicks on it. This is why your ad should be as relevant as possible to the search queries you are trying to target. This will help you lower your overall cost of running the ads by reducing low-quality clicks from users. It will also help you increase your conversions and sales by providing users with the most relevant information based on their search query. Google estimates the “Cost- Per-Click” based on keyword popularity, keyword competition and the quality score of your ad. Please note there are more factors that Google considers when estimating a “Cost-Per-Click” bid.

Now that you have a slight understanding of AdWords you are still wondering if you should run a campaign or not. Here are some things to ask yourself:

  1. Do I have a new site that does not yet rank organically?
  2. Do I want to take up more real estate on the search results page for maximum exposure?
  3. Am I running a promotion for my product or service?
  4. Am I releasing a brand new product or service?
  5. Do I need to promote a seasonal product or service?
  6. Do I need to boost sales of a particular product or service?

There are many more reasons to run an AdWords campaign but these are some to think about. If you answered yes to any of the above then I would suggest you either set up a campaign for yourself or hire someone who has experience with AdWords to do this for you.

Please remember the simplicity of this post was to give basic and general information about whether or not you should run an AdWords campaign. You should do your own research and/or contact an AdWords specialist to help you.

I hope this post was helpful. If you enjoy, don’t forget to share!