Social Media Marketing Stats Every Company Should Know About

When it comes to your business, regardless how big or small it is, social media plays a critical part in business success today. From Facebook to LinkedIn, every major social media platform can play a critical a social media marketing plan. However, before you start crafting a social media marketing plan, here are some stats you should know about.


  • To this day, Facebook continues to be the most used social media platform worldwide
  • There are more than 1.44 billion monthly Facebook users with nearly a billion mobile users
  • The most common age demographic of Facebook users are 25 to 34 which equals out to 29.7%
  • Nearly 50% of consumers who like a Facebook page support that specific brand
  • 62% of videos posted on Facebook will get more engagement over photos


  • There are nearly 320 million monthly active users with more than 40 languages supported on Twitter
  • The majority of average Twitter users follow at least five or more businesses who use the platform
  • Roughly 85% of users feel better connected to the business they follow on Twitter
  • 80% of Twitter users access the social media platform using a mobile device
  • 500 million tweets are sent each day which calculates to 6,000 tweets a second


  • As of 2017, there are 700 million active Instagram users
  • 2 billion likes on Instagram posts happen per day with 95 million photos are uploaded per day
  • Instagram videos receive 2 times more engagement of photos than any other social media site in the world
  • The majority of Instagram users (80%) come from outside of the United States
  • More B2C marketers are more likely to increase actions and usage than B2B marketers


  • More than 400 million snaps are sent out every single day
  • There are 160 million active Snapchat users on a daily basis
  • 45% of Snapchat users are between 18 to 24 years old whereas 26% of users are between 25 to 34 years old
  • 60% of Snapchat ads are watched with sound
  • 85% of Snapchat users will watch a brand’s entire story


  • An estimate 80% of B2B leads come directly from LinkedIn whereas 43% of professional marketers say they have sourced customers from the platform
  • According to the Pew Research Center, 25% of adult internet users use LinkedIn
  • Currently, LinkedIn has more than 450 million members but just 25% will activity visit the platform a month
  • LinkedIn content consumption has increased over 20% over the last two years
  • LinkedIn profiles which have photos will receive 21 times more views over other profiles

Beyond these social media stats, there are social media content marketing tips you can read about.