Spruce up Your Website this Summer

It’s officially summer in just a couple short weeks!  What better time to spruce up your website in time for fall.

As a shredding company, you know how vital it is to stay ahead of your competitors and grow your customer base; with this in mind, remember that your website is a very powerful resource in growing your business. In fact, a website may be the most effective marketing tool you have, so use it to its full potential. Web updates are irresistible to search engines and visitors, and when done correctly offer on-going traffic to your site.

Here are 5 ways you can make a positive change in the way your site appears, operates and grows:

Are your pages loading quickly enough? It has been stated that you have less than 5 seconds to load your page or the bulk of your visitors will abandon your website and move on to a competitor with faster and more immediate results.  If your website is image heavy, and flooded with flash, you may require optimizing to achieve faster performance. Keep in mind that if your website loads too slowly, Google may penalize your website, lowering your overall keyword rankings.  Our SEO team regularly test the speed and functionality of your website however, if you have any concerns or questions in regards to the speed and navigation of your website, simply get in touch with us.

Products, programs and links that are no longer relevant – Ensure that all featured content and products are in fact current and accurate.  Remove any old product, programs and links that no longer serve a purpose. Dead links and 404 page errors will most definitely bring your website rankings down, not to mention cause frustration to your visitors. Again, our experts work continually to make the necessary SEO updates; however if you have old product PDF’s featured on your website, these need to be removed and replaced with fresh current information.

Old images – Have you updated your staff photos? Are there photos from a staff party in 2010? This may sound tedious, but if there are images on your website over a year or two old, they should be removed and replaced. It’s all about fresh, attractive content.  Keep Google and your customers interested and supply them with recent news, should it be an award you won, or a shred day you will be present at.

Social media – Verify that your social media buttons not only link to your current social media sites, but that they are being used actively as well.  Be sure that your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages are being used to supply interesting updates and valuable information to potential customers. It’s important to engage in conversation and respond to any questions or comments; this shows your visitors you appreciate them and provides a level of personality for your business; you’re not just a brand or corporation this way.  Actively engaging via social media encourages people to keep in touch with your brand.

Fresh content – Nothing will help as much as fresh, updated content, whether it be through blog posts, web pages, banners, videos, audio files and images. If you have posts on the first page of Google, updating your website content encourages visitors to return regularly.

Remember that the team at NetGain is here for you! Interested in developing upon your current website, or perhaps it’s time to give it an entire makeover? Whatever your interests may be, we have the knowledge and tools to boost the appearance and functionality of your website, so you can focus on doing what you do best; shredding!