The Challenges of Running a Digital Marketing Agency

There are many different challenges that we face running a digital agency. Almost every month there are new services we have to offer. As we learn new skills and techniques, we do our best to offer this learning to our clients. Here are a few things that are key to running a digital agency.


Keeping ahead of the curve

With the lightning fast pace of technology, it is easy to quickly get left behind. Whether it’s social media, new web development techniques, web accessibility for the disabled, changes that Google makes to its algorithm, to changes in visual design, we always have to be on the cutting edge of technology and technique to offer the best value to our clients. This takes a lot of constant education by all the members of our team.


Client Management

Every business is unique and their message is always different. Incorporating a business’ unique ‘voice’ and messaging is integral to the production of websites. Also, explaining to a client how the processes involved in the creation of a web development project works can be quite challenging. We understand that it is difficult to understand the vast amount of work that goes into a site development and we do our best to open up the lines of communication so that clients understand what we are doing and that they are pleased to with the end result.


Process Process Process

The complexity of a web development and digital marketing plans can be quite overwhelming. There are literally hundreds of things that need to be done in order to get a site online, from planning, to graphics, to coding and to launching a site on the web properly and taking the proper steps to open up communication with the search engines. We are endlessly adjusting our processes internally to make sure that every step possible is taken and more importantly, that no steps are missed. We follow docket based systems through 9 unique steps of production, each with its set of process, checks and balances to ensure that the product we deliver is of the best quality possible. Without process and having many members of our team contributing the job could not be done properly. Many ‘mom and pop’ or ‘mom’s basement’ design shops simply do not have the resources to make this happen and often deliver inferior product, with many cut corners.


By Drew Dekker – VP / Chief Operating Officer