The Importance of a Project Manager

Project management, mainly associated with industrial industries, has made a small introduction into the creative/design field. Admittedly, dealing with processes, research and other managerial duties associated with a project manager isn’t what most with a creative flare would consider ideal; however, in our world, project management constitutes a large portion of our creativity. This is justly so because being able to stay on top of – and manage – our relationships with our clients and their projects, our NetGain team and our stakeholders is key to any project’s success, especially in the creative world.

Project managers will take your ideas and set them in motion as projects. This is crucial when dealing with your creative team where deadlines are important. The project manager is your liaison between your creative department and its understanding of your client’s creative vision, deadlines and requirements. The project manager also handles the costs of a project, as well as scheduling when it will be worked on until completion – including its scope, quality, risks, resources, etc.

Great ideas take time, effort and determination. With the aid of a project manager, your clients’ visions will become seamless realities, without you having to completely manage the project by yourself.

By Georgann Turnbridge, Production Manager