The importance of Press Releases and Articles to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A basic press release, also referred to as a news release, is the foundation of every publicity plan. Although most are never used by journalists and media posts, they still stand as credible sources and free advertising for companies. If a press release is not picked up by a popular media source like a blog or newspaper, plenty of free article and press release directories exist to help garner traffic and optimize a website.

Articles are great for elaborating on a unique product or service a company may want to promote to a wide scale audience. Articles and press releases are important to any organization – big or small – because they generate awareness and are another of the many extensions a company establishes with the public, its clients and own employees.

Both press releases and articles contain newsworthy messages about a product, service or important announcement. The content within a press release and article is written with a rhetorical goal – meant to influence an audience (or media post) in some way. Using articles and press releases to influence the way people feel about your company is cost-effective and invaluable.

Press releases and articles that are written for online wires and directories possess big advantages. They encompass all of the same rhetorical structures as tangible written pieces yet benefit search engine optimization (SEO) initiatives. Press releases and articles, in general, include important keywords related to a business or message. Applying that same structure to online written pieces helps to enhance current SEO campaigns. In fact, online press releases and articles are among the best SEO strategies because they are new and full of relative content that search engine spiders gather up to help boost a company’s search engine ranking. Clearly written, concise and newsworthy content is just another important SEO campaign tool.