The Value of Good SEO

In an age when the web is changing and the requirements of Google rapidly toss and turn, or so it seems, it’s key to keep up with the trends and the patterns in order to stay on top of the game. Having a site with great SEO is going to take your site a long way, and it’s going to pay off in the long term.

Here are a few tips for good SEO:

Be Descriptive

Being descriptive of your image files, page titles, page headings is a first step. Regarding images, it’s easy to just dump your photos from your camera memory stick and put them on your website the way they are… with a file name that contains a trail of numbers ending in whatever file type it may be, jpeg, RAW, etc.  Take the time to load them into a photo editing program and save them with a new file name. If you’re putting them into a gallery page of your site, rename them to what is in the photo. Example, if you have a photo of a book, give your image a new file name of book.jpg(RAW, etc…). if you have more than one image of a book, add the extension of book1 or book2 to differentiate file names.

Use Keywords Naturally

Gone are the days of loading every page of your website with keywords that you may think are relavant to your site. Google is looking for a more natural approach to use of keywords in the form of natural phrases. Example: What not to do: website, barrie, web designers, web developers. What to do: web designers in barrie, web developers in simcoe county, website companies in alliston. Using this method allows you to use keywords the way that people might try and search for you. It also allows you to inject names of cities, towns and regions that you may be serving.

While these are just two simple ways that can add value to any website, they are simple and can help you and your site get found on the web. There are a greater number of processes and tools that can be used to get you where you need to be and want to be online.