Top 5 Fun SEO Buzzwords

Regardless of the kind of industry you work in, every industry does have its own jargon and buzzwords. The SEO industry has developed its own colourful vocabulary. Here is a list of the top 5 fun SEO buzzwords you should know about:

Thirsty?  “Link juice” is a slang term, in the SEO world, that refers to the power passed through a web link.  Receiving a link from a well-known website is like a vote of confidence for your site.  It’s an important (and delicious) factor in how your site performs in search results.  Bottoms Up!

What does a panda, penguin, pigeon and hummingbird have in common?  New exhibit at the zoo?  No, these four furry/feathery friends are all codenames for major Google search algorithm updates.

 “Rich snippets” sounds like an expensive haircut.  Rather, Google has started snipping a site’s content and displaying it in search results. This provides more informative results and makes it more enticing for visitors to click through to your site.  Special coding called “structured data” is needed to help Google make sense of your content.  Snip, snip!

In classic western movies, the bad guys wore black hats, while the good guys wore white hats.  The SEO industry has borrowed this convention for identifying good and bad SEO techniques.

Just like a basketball bouncing off the pavement, your “bounce rate” refers to visitors landing on your page and then bouncing away without exploring the rest of your website.  Once you start tracking this, then you can redesign your landing pages to encourage visitor engagement.


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