Using Pinterest As A Business Tool

It might seem that there are social media tools popping up all the time where your business can send out a social signal and make network connections. The whole idea of course is to get people to your site and get them talking about your business and your products.

One of the latest tools that businesses can use to help drive traffic to their site and business is a Pinterest Business Account.

Pinterest has been used by individuals since 2009 as a place for pinboard-style social photo sharing which allows their users to create and manage theme-based image collections like events, interests, hobbies and more. Users are then able to browse other peoples boards, re-pin them and make comments on them.

Now with a business account, businesses and companies of any size are able to do the same thing. Set up is simple and easy to implement. You can either set up a new account or convert an existing account. Pinterest provides you with a piece of code to implement into your site which, like Google Analytics, tracks the traffic that goes to your site everytime someone pins something from your site.

This tool can be used for any type of business, especially those that offer products and services.

For more information on Pinterest for Businesses, head over to

Here is a tutorial on setting up your business account with Pinterest.