Visual Hierarchy in Website Design

Visual hierarchy in website design is a crucial factor in creating interactions between the applications and the user. Visual hierarchy helps to rank design elements and influence the order you want your users to view them. Many people believe that design is just simple work, but it is much more complex. The designer needs to use contrast, scale, balance, and more. These principles help establish elements in their rightful place and allow the the main idea to stand out.

Size (Or Scale) Hierarchy

When it comes to a webpage, visual hierarchy applies to the sequence in which our eye moves from one piece (or block) of content to another. A good “visual hierarchy” will organize the content and leave visitors with a clear understanding.

In size (or scale) hierarchy, the most important content is the largest or takes the most amount of space on a webpage, followed by the second most important content and so on. The distinction in sizes should be such that a visitor would view the items in the order of importance, and the order of things will be obvious. Enlarging an object’s size (its dimensions) and scale is one of the easiest and most effective ways to give the object visual importance.

Typography Hierarchy

Typographic hierarchy is all about formatting the typography of your content so that your website visitors can see the main idea. In other words, having a clear typographic hierarchy enhances the readability and usability of your content.

Content Hierarchy

Content – the information that will fill the site – can be “presented” in different ways. To start modeling your site, you first need to organize the content. To do this, you can use a simple and very visual technique. Remember to combine information into sections, so it will help to streamline the overall structure.


At NetGainSEO, our process begins with a thoughtfully crafted, value proposition. If writing is not your strong suit, we have copywriters to help you along the way. Beyond the written word, content also encompasses a careful selection of graphics, icons, imagery, and video. With the right mix of multimedia and messaging, you will be on your way to creating a memorable visitor experience.

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