‘Web Design Barrie’ SEO Challenge Results

Web Design Barrie SEO Challenge Banner

Well it’s been a little over a week now and our blog has been delayed slightly due to our moving office locations and the February holiday known as “Family Day”.

We started out this challenge ranking 76th and 74th, respectively, on Google.com and Google.ca for the keyword ‘Web Design Barrie‘. A little over a week later here are the final results…

Google.com – Page 2 – 15th Overall (However, on Page 1 our press release is ranking 5th overall – Success!)
Google.ca – Page 2 – 15th Overall

So, overall it was a success! We moved up over 50 spots for ‘Web Design Barrie’ in a week. Not bad at all, this is a great example to showcase how effective blogging, social media and press releases can be in helping you acheive successful results on search engines. Please keep in mind that this is a local keyword challenge and results can be more difficult to achieve on provincial, national and international keywords.

If you’re not sure what that means a local keyword contains a city, town, etc…

Web Design Barrie – Local Keyword
Web Design Ontario – Provincial Keyword
Web Design Canada – National Keyword
Web Design – International Keyword

On another note, during this challenge we generated successful gains landing on the top page for the keyword ‘Web Development Barrie‘. We look forward to generating more successful results for our website, but look more forward to helping our current and potential clients generate these same great results for their rankings.

Stay tuned as we will be posting an update later in the week showcasing our move last friday, and our new temporary office, while our new office is being renovated in the coming months!