Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? Should it be?

Mobile Devices

I admit it, I’m creative- not techy. Of course I try to follow the new technology trends. You kind of have no choice but to follow them these days. Technology changes every few seconds it seems. New smart phones are released every other day. If you don’t upgrade, you fall behind.

What I was getting at, is that we live in a society obsessed with technology. We are attached to our smart phones and tablets. Every break at work or while waiting to pick up our kids from school, we reach for that evil phone burning a hole in our pocket, to see what’s going on in the world. What our friends are doing on Facebook, or if they have our size in those awesome shoes at our favourite online shoe store. I’m guilty of it. I do it all the time. I actually hate shopping at the mall, so I am constantly looking for sales online. It’s actually good therapy when you have that itch to spend money. You end up satisfying that itch by looking at several online stores, you add stuff to your shopping carts, get all excited, and then your kids get off the bus and you forget all about the shopping you were just doing. But in some weird way you are satisfied.

Is your website mobile friendly? Should it be? I say yes, especially if your client is a busy business man/woman, a student, a busy mom or dad, a teenager (who doesn’t even know what a desktop computer is), or everybody else who has a smart phone in their pocket.
Most people get annoyed if a website is not mobile friendly and lose interest, leaving the page and most likely looking to your competition, who is mobile friendly.

After spending all that money on SEO to make sure your website shows up on the first page of google, it would be a real shame to lose that client who picked your website first, but left because your website was not mobile friendly.

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