What Is A Cache, and How Do I Clear It?

You may or may not be aware that your browser often stores large amounts of information about a website, so the next time it visits it can load it quicker. This cache of information is valuable in helping our society that is driven on the need for speed with our internet connection. However, it can be a hindrance when you have made some changes to your website but it keeps loading the old version. This is because the information has been cached and needs to be deleted so that the updated information can be downloaded.

It’s a very simple task to complete but if you’ve never done it before you might be scratching your head wondering where you go to clear your cache. Every browser is different but the end goal is still the same. We’ve searched the net to find some great tutorials but why send you to multiple sites, when we’ve found a great one that covers off a large number of browsers in one place…

>> Click here to learn how to clear your browser cache

If you’re not sure which browser version you are using, under the help menu click the “About (Browser Name)” option to learn more.