What Is The Future Of Advertising?

Typically marketing managers focus on the bigger picture. “Where are the mass amounts of people located that will read my advertisements?” Billboards, television, and radio would be the first place they would go to market. Makes sense right?


Ever noticed that girl walking down the road glued to her smart phone? She’s not looking at your billboards she’s more focused on what’s trending on Twitter than to notice your expensive billboard design. That being said billboards work for you twenty-four hours a day just like an awesome website would. In comparing the two the costs may be similar and while the billboard may have more impressions initially eventually that billboard is coming down, your website stays up for much longer and at a much lower cost.


Radio is a little different in the sense that people still listen to the radio and listen to the radio ads. But that doesn’t mean that people will react or engage with those ads. Radio advertisement is expensive and doesn’t always provide the results that marketers are looking for.


PVR: Personal video recorder allows consumers to pause, fast forward and rewind live television. That gives the customer complete power and the advertiser loses all control. According to Nielsen Company DVRS have 30% penetration in the market and is currently growing. Consumers can now get information on demand, anytime and anywhere.

Do you see where I am going with this yet?

Billboards – 24 hour marketing tool but limited lifespan

Radio – People will tune in to listen but has a limited lifespan

Television – people now have full control over what they want to watch and tv ads once again have a limited lifespan.

A website does all of that in one place!

  • Works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Convenience for you (It will be your most valuable sales tool, and with minimal cost over the long run)
  • Conveniences for your customers; even if your store is closed people still want to be able to engage with your product and be able to purchase that product.
  • If your website is relevant and consistent people will be able to find you online. Relating to the radio in the sense that people will come to you because you have what they are looking for.
  • People want control over what they are looking for. Why not give them a place that they can find everything about your company in one spot!

Marketing managers can still invest in traditional marketing methods such as the ones mentioned above but the key to success these days is getting found online. A balanced marketing plan is crucial but the foundation of your marketing should start with your website and grow from there.