Who are You Sending Your E-blast to?

E-blasts are a fantastic way to bring sell your companies business. Having a list of emails that are related to the particular e-blast is key. You should always do your due-diligence and research who you are sending the e-blast to.

NetGain is a Digital Marketing agency where we specialize in Web and Print Design, Web development, and SEO. So we select our target markets properly. We research our lists. We make sure the people receiving our e-blast are not fellow web companies who do the same thing we so. Why would we waste the time sending e-blast to people who do not need our services? It is a waste of the consumer’s time and makes you look incompetent as a company.

It has to be one of my biggest pet-peeves when checking my email in the morning, sorting through a plethora of emails, and I have ones that are trying to sell the services we already sell…. WASTE OF MY TIME.

Sure you would think, just set it to block sender… Well I am almost at the point of replying back to them with the following message:

Dear NAME,

As I am sure you and your company do good work, what you are offer is also our business. If you knew the proper way to email market you would know you do not send sales emails to your competitors.

In the future, please remember this, do the proper investigating and you might receive the right feedback.

And there is my two-cents on doing your email list research…..